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Plague Inc is a simulation game that takes you as a deadly and dangerous villain. Your mission is to spread the disease to all parts of the earth to bring the earth back to prehistoric times. Watch this exciting progress as the number of infections increases and let’s create more new strains of the virus to speed up the epidemic. Please join us to find out more about this interesting game in the article below!

The story and context

Like a mad scientist with a conspiracy against the whole world, you will spread viruses and are capable of spreading strongly. Specifically, players will develop their own epidemic story by monitoring human spread and resistance. Besides, you also develop and research more other viruses to increase the ability to spread and make things more deadly.

Plague Inc MOD

The gameplay

Plague Inc is a simple game. It doesn’t require players to have the skills to fight or do something complicated. Instead, gamers only need to spread diseases and see how they develop. Of course, you also need to have unique techniques to overcome human resistance. Specifically, players can track the number of cases, deaths, and recoveries with statistical indicators. From there, you will take steps to maintain or create a new disease. Moreover, the in-game AI ​​will try to prevent the virus to make it difficult for players.

The key features

Interesting game with lots of instructions

Plague Inc makes it easy for players to get acquainted faster with short and helpful tutorials. Players will have to know exactly what to do and how to start a pandemic. This would be great in dealing with intelligent AI which always looks to prevent you from reaching your goals. Besides, the game also offers a save and reload feature that allows you to redo campaigns when you miscalculate.

Many diseases

In the game, there are 12 diseases with different infectious strategies. They require players to learn a bit to understand. Each disease comes with unique strengths and characteristics, making them extremely dangerous for certain individuals. Besides, players can also develop other new abilities for your plague with more advanced forms. That will greatly increase the chance of infection in the area.

Infecting many countries

Plague Inc will not simulate all the countries of the world. Instead, it only offers more than 50 major regions and countries. Each country will bring an interesting feature so that your virus can increase or decrease the ability to reproduce. So, you need to capture that and create thousands of events in countries that you think are right to start. From there, you will turn that place back to prehistoric times with a population of almost zero.

Transcripts and achievements

To keep track of your progress, Plague Inc offers all players a scoreboard and leaderboard system. You can see which areas you spread the disease, how many people you killed, the number of infection countries… That makes it easy for you to control the game as well as receive achievements when you complete them.

Regularly updating with full languages

To make the game better and improve players’ experience, Plague Inc has made many upgrades during the past time. The game will provide you with new diseases, new modes and more features. Moreover, it also has many popular languages ​​in the world, such as English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French…

Plague Inc MOD APK

The design

Plague Inc has an unremarkable design. It has simple images with a map of the world and special symbols for diseases. Besides, the game also has many murky colors with the style of a dark world. However, the sound of the game also focuses only on analysis related to the epidemic’s appearance. However, the design also doesn’t affect too much of campaign gameplay like Plague Inc.


Plague Inc is an interesting game with innovative gameplay, which will give players an enjoyable experience in exploring new aspects of a pandemic. Let’s explore more interesting things by downloading the latest version of the game below. Besides, we also offer a MOD APK version of Plague Inc for those who want to receive a lot of money and unlimited purchases. Don’t forget to rate and share this game if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

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