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Nowadays, the mobile game market is constantly evolving. Besides, many old brands have been improved. In particular, Plants vs Zombies 3 is considered a colorful mobile game, which stimulates the excitement of players. It not only helps players relax after working and studying hours but also brings players closed together. Please join us in this article to find out more about the game Plants vs Zombies 3 right now!

About Plants vs Zombies 3

Plants vs Zombies 3 (PvZ 3) is a type of tower defense game. It is the successor game of Plants vs Zombies 2. Gamers can play this game in both online and offline modes. Also, PvZ 3 is a leap forward in tower defense game with many optimized features for players. In particular, the main difference of this game is 3D graphics, vertical direction and the size of the square land is 5×8.

Plants vs. Zombies 3 MOD APK is an outstanding Casual game on Android

Besides, Plants vs Zombies 3 is available on iOS and Android platforms. In the game, there are zombies, Brainiacs and giant misting Devour tower. Your mission is to control your plants to beat the zombies out of your street. Dr. Zomboss dominated your town with the streets, except for the houses. Don’t let that destroyer take over the last house. If you lose the house, you will fail.

The game includes 4 modes:

  • Devour Tower
  • Zombie Outbreak
  • Arena
  • The Brainiac battle.

The history of Plants vs Zombies 3

This is the great game of the developer ELECTRONIC ARTS, which was released on February 25, 2020. The developer release the testing pre-Alpha on the Android operating system on July 16, 2019.

After that, it was only available in the United States and Canada with a limited number of players. Then, PvZ 3 ends the Pre-Alpha process on February 10, 2020. Half of a month later, it was available in several countries.

Moreover, PvZ 3 has been declared by ELECTRONIC ARTS as a new game in development on July 16, 2019, on the game’s forum. Pre-Alpha games received feedback from many players to improve their features. PopCap expressed that Plants vs Zombies 3 was crystallized from the process of listening and understanding customers. Plants vs Zombies 3 has not yet been able to re-enumerate the sales profit in early 2020. However, Plants vs Zombies 3 promises to be an attractive game in the world.

Plants vs. Zombies 3 MOD APK has many interesting features

The key features of Plants vs Zombies 3

This game is a type of tower defense that attracts a large number of players because of the following advantages:

  • PvZ 3 is not meant to replace the previous two versions but it is a new way of playing. Specifically, the game brings a unique feeling to the player in every match.
  • The game combines playing and society connection.
  • Besides, PvZ 3 improves and changes old elements to better suit today’s social progress.
  • It is the result of listening and acting based on the comments from a large number of players in Canada and the US.
  • The graphics are perfect with great effects.
  • Also, PvZ 3 has a diverse map system.
  • The new game modes has different sections, allowing players to gradually pass the maps.
  • Moreover, players can download the game for free with an in-app purchase.
  • PvZ 3 approaches the strategy element than previous versions. It makes the game more suitable for the current gaming market.

How to play

PvZ 3 is a tower defense 3D game. In which your mission is to defeat Dr. Zomboss to protect your neighborhood. Zomboss destroyer with the help of a zombie boss has taken over all your towns. At this point, you need to push the Brain Fog and get the town back. In the game, the fierce battle is portrayed authentically through the floors of Devour towers. You have to accept the challenge of facing and defeating zombies. Also, players have to rescue and restore the town.

Plants vs. Zombies 3 MOD APK has a simple but addictive gameplay

Sunflowers help you speed up your game

At the lawns (5×8), the game will provide you with sunflowers. In this version, a sunflower produces 3 sun units every 7.5 seconds. This helps to speed up the game progress more than previous versions.

The Taco time is in the middle stage of each level

At each level, the game will be divided into 2 parts. Specifically, the Taco time is in the middle stage of the level. At this time, you can put new plants and control them as you like.

In addition to planting trees, you can also scoop, move and feed them with tacos at will. Besides, players can extend the rest of the level by giving them the Tacobilities. However, the amount of Tacobilities is limited.

At this Taco time, gamers cannot create sun units because there are no zombies. Also, the Taco period can be extended or ended according to your wishes. In addition to Taco Time, there are other types of boost, such as:

  • Plant foods: They immediately increase the ability of plants to become stronger.
  • Cherry Bomb: the 3×3 explosion scale.

The map that you own is your world in the game

At this point, the map is the lawns on the entire map you save. Besides, the map is also within a short range of Devour Tower. On any lawn, you can go to war.

Zombie Breakout is a place every day to increase stars, currency and seeds. Or you can even go straight inside Devour Tower to unlock new factories, lawns, features, or zombies.

The design of PvZ 3

Plants vs Zombies 3 is a game with a much more modern and improved design. In which, the images of plants and zombies are refreshed vividly. Most players will find things look smoother. Also, the developer reworked the game to bring more loveliness and fun than its predecessors.

Plants vs. Zombies 3 MOD APK has an improved design

Besides, the music of the game does not have many new improvements. Specifically, the songs will still be cheerful, vibrant, and mixed with a little ghost. Players will increase their excitement when listening to that great music.


Plants vs Zombies 3 is a great step forward for ELECTRONIC ARTS in the PvZ versions. This makes the game unique and strange. During the game, players not only conquer difficult challenges but also connect with friends. Also, the game features will changes depending on the level of the game. All of them will enhance the players’ experience. We hope to bring you the best information for playing the game better. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article!

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