PLAYit MOD APK V2.6.0.93 [VIP Unlocked]


PLAYit is a media player from the developer Yuvadvance Internet Private Limited. It is one of the best media players in India, which has tens of millions of downloads from Google Play. Also, many users have rated this app positively. Let’s find out what this application can do and how to download PLAYit VIP APK for your Android phone right now!

About PLAYit

PLAYit is developed for PC and Android phones. It was announced at the end of 2019 and quickly received great attention from the mobile community in India and many other countries. PLAYit supports users to watch videos and listen to music in many formats. Besides, it also helps users download many attractive things on the internet quickly, for free, and safely.

PLAYit VIP is a special version for high demand users. It requires users to pay to use. In this VIP version, the app will provide you with some special features like no ads, Ultimate MP3 Convertor, and Beautiful Skin. Besides, it provides many different packages for users to choose from.

PLAYit mod apk

The key features

Video player

PAt this point, LAYit will browse all video files on your phone and display them in the app. You will be able to easily display parameters related to your video and many other advanced options, such as Background play, Mute play… Besides, the app also helps you to stream on other devices. via LAN or Wi-Fi.

Music player

In addition to playing videos, this app can also play MP3 files in many different formats. It really feels like a professional MP3 player. Besides, you will have a few special features to help you enjoy your songs like mute timer, ringtone setting, change music playback speed, or even in-depth music editing with Bass changer.


Also, PLAYit supports users to play and download videos from other social networks and video social networks, such as Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. You will have to find it really impressive that this player can make everything new and more impressive to the user. Therefore, you will completely change your experience with the social networks you often use.

MP3 Converter

Moreover, this app supports MP3 Converter. The feature is fully compatible with providing both video and music player. So, you can take the same videos on your phone and separate the audio part.


PLAYit will provide users with beautiful interfaces. Users can use some of the themes in the app or customize the theme by adding them from out-sources. Also, PLAYit VIP will have many cool and quality themes to help you get a great experience.

Smart controls

This application has simple and intuitive controls, which are easy for you to familiarize with. Specifically, you will use swipes, clicks to control and change parameters during playback. Everything will make the free version like the experience of a premium one.

Exclusive technology

PLAYit uses Smart Muxer, which is a unique technology created by the app’s developer. It can combine video and audio in seconds without the need for any memory and encoding. Besides, this feature is very useful in some videos and needs you to add the sound in low profile devices. However, the videos made by PLAYit will only be playable with the app itself.

PLAYit mod

Should we upgrade PLAYit to the VIP version?

To answer the question of whether to upgrade PLAYit VIP for your phone, we will go to find out two issues, including the features of the VIP version and its cost.

The features of PLAYit VIP

  • Beautiful Skin: This feature will change the color of the app with the image and color effects. There is no design change of the player.
  • Ultimate MP3 Convertor: If you are a fan of extracting audio from video, this feature is very useful.
  • No-Ads: In the free version, the app will appear every few minutes or a few activities. In the VIP, it will remove the ads in your app.

The cost of upgrading PLAYit VIP

  • Trial package: Users will have a 3-day trial of PLAYit VIP. However, you can cancel it at any time.
  • Monthly package: At this point, you will need to pay more than 3 dollars for a month.
  • Year package: About 10 dollars/year.

So we would like to rate that: if you are a person who enjoys watching videos and listening to music on a mobile, you should have PLAYit VIP. However, the trial package of the application is short compared to many other applications which are usually 7 days. Also, its monthly package is very expensive. But it’s amazing how the year package is quite cheap compares to other apps. This is an extremely great business strategy for the developer.

Download PLAYit MOD APK [Unlocked] for Android

If you can pay and buy a PLAYit VIP package, you can buy it directly from the free version. If you cannot pay and still want to use PLAYit VIP, we also provide you with an extremely great solution. Specifically, we will provide a PLAYit VIP APK file for everyone to download. You just need to click on the link at the bottom of this post to get it for free.


Overall, PLAYit is an excellent way to play videos and music. It has all the features you need, which go beyond your expectations. Users indeed rate and care about this application. Readers can have yourself PLAYit VIP by downloading it right here. Thank you and have fun!

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