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PowerDirector MOD info?

  • Premium/Paid features unlocked.
  • Export to Ultra/Full HD Quality unlocked.
  • Watermark unlocked.
  • Mod Extra.

PowerDirector Premium apk mod

Do you know PowerDirector free video editing app? Currently, the app is available on Google Play and has reached more than 50 million downloads. The app was developed from a famous company called CyberLink. With PowerDirector, users can unleash your passion for creative editing videos on Android. More specifically, this application also supports users to improve the quality of videos to combine videos quickly. Also, it provides more than 300,000 different transition effects, so you can easily create professional Videos like photo slideshow videos, home videos… Please join us to find out more about the app right now!

What is PowerDirector?

PowerDirector is a popular and professional video editing application on phones or tablets of the Android operating system. It was founded and released by CyberLink.com in 2014. From the very first days of its launch, the app has reached a huge number of downloads (about 10 million).

Besides, PowerDirector has an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to understand even for beginners. It is award-winning video editing software with over 200 powerful tools. Whether you are a newbie or experienced person in editing videos, PowerDirector allows you to create videos most simply without having to spend a lot of time on learning.

Also, the background of the app is luxurious pure black. In which, the main screen of the tool consists of 2 parts: The video preview will export and the direct video design, which is defined as separate areas for images/videos and sounds. . With a minimalistic but quite complete interface, users can save time in editing and directly monitoring the output video.

Moreover, PowerDirector allows you to share videos that have been created or edited online on Facebook or Instagram. This is the first and special utility because it is capable of working directly with high-quality UltraHD videos, videos created from the latest camera equipment, cameras.

The key features of PowerDirector

  • The app can automatically find the scene with the best face because it is built-in with modern scene analysis technology. It allows you to search for the best scenes, able to zoom, accurately determine the moving scenes…
  • Besides, it helps you to improve photo quality. By using TrueTheater technology, PowerDirector helps you identify and correct all video imperfections, enhance light quality, overcome shaky videos…
  • PowerDirector helps users create professional photo slideshows. At this point, you just need to import the necessary pictures to create photo slideshows, insert sound as background music, choose the transition effects to apply to your slideshow.
  • Also, PowerDirector is the first video editing application that supports the comprehensive editing of UltraHD videos. As a result, the application is capable of working with 4K videos that are created from devices.
  • During editing videos, this app supports a preview screen that allows you to do your work, and even watch the manipulation immediately. This makes it easy to know which operation is the most accurate and which is not, before saving them in different Video formats.
  • PowerDirector allows you to edit multiple segments in a Video at the same time. Thanks to that, you can easily add new or delete videos for a certain time, or keep necessary segments.
  • It supports timeline and layer mechanism, drag and drop mode so you can overlap clips or images easily. Therefore, new users may be a bit overwhelming. However, you will find it very friendly and easy to use after a while.
  • You can easily add a title and effects. At this point, users can add the title anywhere. If you pay a fee, you can purchase more beautiful effects packs.
  • Moreover, PowerDirector has a mix of audio, so you can keep the original sound or make it smaller on the background with just a few buttons.
  • Finally, PowerDirector has color filters for clips with the most professional clip color correction mode. Some other software also has this feature, but most of them are locked to not interfere. You may encounter the situation that the color filter may be very harsh or not as similar to the original color. Particularly for this software, you can completely edit with the parameters to achieve the desired effect.

Instructions for using PowerDirector

  • First, users click the chair icon in the left corner of the screen, select File> import …> Media Files … / Media Folder … to import images, videos into Library. Also, you can record directly from the camcorder, Webcam, TV … through the Capture tool.
  • Second, the Rooms bar on the left side of the app provides sound and visual effects to apply to videos. At the bottom, it is the Editing Workspace where you drag the images and videos from the Library Windows down the first line of the area to merge them into a complete movie.
  • Third, the top side is the Ruler bar that shows the video’s slideshow time. On the right, there is the Preview box, allowing you to preview the video you are working on.
  • Fourth, Effect Room has up to 96 effects such as blurring the image, drawing lead effect, blowing wind effect… When you click, the effect will be displayed in the Preview frame.
  • Fifth, PIP Objects Room makes it possible to insert objects into the video by dragging and dropping on the third line of the Editing Workspace.
  • Sixth, Particle Room has small effects like snow, fireworks, smoke, rain… Also, the insertion method is exactly the same as PIP Objects Room.
  • Seventh, the Transition Room helps you Add transition effects to video. At this point, you just need to drag and drop this effect into the photo/video frame on the first line on the Editing Workspace.
  • Eighth, in the Magic Movie Wizard bar, you can easily automatically create a movie with a melodious title and soundtrack with three levels: Original, Fast Motion, and Slow Motion.

PowerDirector Premium apk

Some notes when using PowerDirector

  • In addition to the above functions, the Rooms bar also has functions such as creating titles, inserting subtitles, or recording directly from your voice to captions, creating chapters… They are very simple and Compact.
  • Not only using existing effects but you can also create effects as you like. To do this, you can right-click on the effect you need to edit in PIP Objects Room and Particle Room, and choose Modify Templates. In the Designer window, users click Add Background Image to insert a background image for the effect or Add Particle Object to a new moving object.
  • If you want to choose the direction of movement for the object, you can click the flower button with +> insert a Default image in the Add/Delete Particle box to select the pattern type.
  • With the TrueTheatre technology, you will easily transform an ordinary video into sharp HD. First, users can click Fix/Enhance. Then, you check the Lighting Adjustment line to increase the brightness. After that, users select Video/Audio Denoise to remove noise.
  • If you want to create a photo slideshow with background music, please click to select all photos in the Editing Workspace area> click the Slideshow button> choose a photo slide show style and background music in the Background music field> click Next. Next, you click Customize to change the details of the scene in the slideshow.
  • After you finish processing operations, please click Produce to export the video to files. Besides, if you want to export videos to disc, you can click Create Disc, Menu Preferences tab (supports CD/DVD/Blu-ray). After finished, users can press Burn, wait for burning to disc, and enjoy your results.

Some common questions about PowerDirector and answers

How do I remove the copyright logo on video when exporting the video?

To remove the brand logo on the output videos, users have to pay to use the premium version. Besides, you can simply use a MOD version of PowerDirector Premium at the end of this article.

How can I rotate it horizontally?

You choose the video to rotate. Then, you click on the pen icon (Edit tools) in the left toolbar and select Rotate to rotate.

How do I adjust the video size to fit the frame?

You need to select the video to be adjusted. Next, you click on Edit tools, choose Crop, and customize manually.

How do I create a Slow motion effect on PowerDirector?

First, users have to select the video to edit. Then, you click Edit tools, and Select Speed. When the screen appears the video speed adjustment ruler on the left side of the screen, you drag down to slow down the video.


PowerDirector is one of the most powerful and professional video editing software. It is suitable for young people who love creating videos. With the combination of hardware power and software excellence, you can create extremely complex and beautiful effects on your own. If you are very eager to try out PowerDirector Premium, please quickly download this app with the link below.

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