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Programming Hero is a unique application of learning to program on Android phones. This app brings a new opportunity for everyone. Specifically, it will present your lessons intuitively through simple games that help you easily understand the app’s mechanism. Moreover, it’s great that you can learn quickly and easily with engaging content. Please join us to find out more about the app in the article below!

About Programming Hero: Coding Just Got Fun

This is an educational application from Programming, Coding, and Coding Games. It’s a fun, intuitive and user-friendly way to help any user learn to code. Programming Hero offers game-style lessons with lots of novel presentations, which helps all users learn faster and remember better. If you want to upgrade your learning style and get support from experts in the programming field, Programming Hero Premium is one of the best choices.

Programming Hero Premium apk mod

Salient features

Build a game while studying to code

Programming Hero aims at learning-playing-learning. Even in the way of communicating information to learners, the app also asks them to program the games from the very beginning. Specifically, you will use basic concepts and code to start writing your game. Thereby, you will gradually evaluate your progress and develop other smart ideas.

Become a professional programmer

To make you into a programming expert, Programming Hero provides you with more than 100 coding problems, solutions, and explanations. The data structures inside the app are arranged and presented in diverse ways, such as charts, rows… Also, users may be familiar with programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript…

Programming Hub MOD APK is the application for anyone who wants to learn programming.

Learn to code more specially

Programming Hero believes that learning must be fun and interactive. So this app made use of fun chats for learners. The app will show you lots of fun pictures and real-life examples that will help your brain retain knowledge longer. Besides, users can gain surprise points, gifts, or badges for completing the lessons.

Learn how to develop a variety of backgrounds

In Programming Hero, there are a lot of different programming languages ​​that you can learn. Each of them will have unique applicable characteristics for life or different jobs. Therefore, users can try to learn web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript courses or challenge mobile application development with Java.

Exchanging and sharing with many other learners

Offline learning will bring maximum concentration to Programming Hero. However, you can also get help from thousands of other learners in the system forums. Moreover, users can write your concept and share it with others to exchange new knowledge.

Programming Hero Premium apk

What’s more in Programming Hero Premium?

Programming Hero also brings a Premium version for those who want to learn faster and more intensively. It will provide you with more advanced features, including:

  • Exclusive video courses.
  • Powerful advanced contents
  • Reveal secret contents.
  • Instant VIP support.
  • Limited Premium certificate.

Currently, Programming Hero Premium also has a pretty good price. You will have to pay about 5 dollars per month. However, we recommend that the yearly subscription is a lot cheaper for $ 7.7.

Get Programming Hero Premium for Android

If you do not want to pay to upgrade to the Premium package, we also bring you an even better solution by downloading the modified version at the end of this article. You will get full premium features for free. You can be sure because the files are safe and simple to download.


Overall, Programming Hero is a new effective application in teaching code programming. Users can make use of this app to improve their ability. All apps will be unlocked for a better learning experience. Don’t forget to rate this app if you find it helpful. Thanks and have fun!

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