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  • Subscription/Paid features unlocked.
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  • Full Multi Languages.

Psiphon Pro mod

Today, a smart mobile phone is an indispensable electronic device for every person in the world. We use it to work, watch movies, play, entertain, connect with friends… With the more and more needs of using applications on the phones, the developers have been making a lot of useful software for people. At the moment, everything is not only available in a part of the equipment and the internet. However, many applications are restricted by governments of some countries, making users unable to access their favorite websites or applications. Therefore, some developers make the software to break those restrictions so that users can access their favorite content. In which, Psiphon Pro is such a great tool. Now, users can access more information sources without worrying about the censorship of the government. Please join us to find out more about the app right now!

About Psiphon Pro

This is a free Internet censorship tool that combines many secured communication technologies. Besides, it is designed exclusively for countries where their speech is restricted due to the extreme censorship of certain parts of the Internet. With Psiphon Pro, users can access any website in their country, including sites like Facebook, torrent, etc.

Also, Psiphon Pro gives users unbelievable access to their favorite news broadcasts or social media. In essence, the app also protects you from accessing WiFi hotspots by creating a private tunnel, which can bypass the strict censorship of the internet supplier. It creates security between you and the Internet. Moreover, Psiphon Pro is the best VPN tool to access and explore an endless store of content on the internet.

How does Psiphon Pro work?

This application has a very simple structure. When you start, you will automatically be connected to the Psiphon server. It securely allows you to access any website in the world through a proxy network, such as – VPN (L2TP over IPsec), SSH, or SSH + and keeps you at risk of getting caught while you’re using the Internet.

Besides, once connected to the proxy network you want, your device can browse through your own browser where you live. You can also add programs, favorites, home page settings, and do anything with other browsers. Also, users can get unprecedented access to your favorite news media or social media platforms with Psiphon Pro.

This app is sponsored through advertising. So you have to watch the ad every time you use it, which is only a very small part for you to use free services on the internet. The app will also automatically disconnect when you close the program.

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How to change the IP address for internet access in Psiphon PRO

Psiphon is incredibly simple and easy to operate. However, to be able to use it more quickly, we will still provide a basic way to use this app. It will help you quickly access blocked websites on the internet.

First, you need to open Psiphon PRO. In the “Home” section, you can see the “Start” button to get started. You can immediately click on it to connect to a new IP address.

After that, you can use the browser immediately with the “Open Brower” button or open another application or browser to access the internet.

Other functions of Psiphon PRO

Stats: This one helps you keep track of the data that you have sent and received when using Psiphon.

Options: Helps you to have better customizations to use such as server location, VPN settings, Proxy settings…

Psiphon Pro mod apk

Some common questions when using Psiphon Pro

Is it easy to install and use Psiphon Pro?

Yes, it is. Downloading, installing and using the app is incredibly easy. You just need a good enough Android phone with the internet to download and use it for free. Also, we share the PRO version for free at the end of this article.

How can we turn off in-app advertising?

Most of the free apps contain ads. Viewing ads will help manufacturers have enough budget to maintain their apps. If you do not want to have ads, you have to pay some money that you can safely use without being affected by ads. Besides, using Psiphon PRO MOD APK is also a good choice that you should consider.

Why doesn’t it connect anymore after upgrading Psiphon Pro to Android?

If Psiphon was connected while installing an upgrade, it probably won’t connect afterward and will show the error “start_tunnel_failed an unprepared or revoked application”. At this point, the error is an Android system error. You can fix this by restarting the phone or removing the app from it then re-downloading and re-installing.

Instructions for downloading and installing Psiphon PRO APK for Android

To install an application, you have to make sure the Android operating system of your device is Android 4.0 or higher. Also, your internet system is strong enough to be able to download the app. Then, Psiphon Pro is over 21MB in size, so the user can clean up their phone to ensure enough download space. After that, you can do the installation according to the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the link we provide at the end of this article.
  • Step 2: Select the version you want to download. Then, you click on it to download.
  • Step 3: After downloading, you can click on the APK file and select “Install” to proceed with the installation.
  • Step 4: If your phone asks to install from an unknown source, you need to agree to those requirements. After that, you have to activate the unknown source for Psiphon.
  • Step 5: You may have to redo the installation in step 3 again to finish.


Above is all the information about Psiphon Pro for those who like to access restricted programs and applications in countries on the internet. We hope to bring you useful information to help you understand more about this app. With the benefits that it brings, Psiphon Pro will be the safest and most secure access application for you. Readers can download the app at the link below. If you have any questions about it, please leave a comment in this article.

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