• App Name: PUBG: NEW STATE
  • MOD Features: Original
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version:
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 1.36 Gb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 6.0
  • Update: January 13, 2022 at 17:32
  • Get it from: Play Store


PUBG: NEW STATE is the second version of the world-famous PUBG game from the developer KRAFTON, Inc. and PUBG Studio. This version is no longer released by Tencent but developed by the original developer of PUBG on the PC/Console platform. This game will be a survival version with the most realistic experience on a mobile platform at the moment. Besides, players can explore an expansive new map with great graphics experiences. Also, the game’s tactics are changed significantly, making the matches dynamic and spectacular. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

The game’s background

PUBG: NEW STATE is set in 2051, many years after the PUBG Mobile timeline. At this point, the world was out of control, causing many factions to fight with each other. The battle had evolved into a battlefield of technology that required survivors to have new tactics to survive. Also, the producer does not want to take this timeline too far because the goal of the game is to provide an experience that is both modern and realistic. The game offers a new map called Troi along with many unique landscapes. PUBG: NEW STATE marks the third PUBG-branded survival game released. However, it is a difference within that PUBG Mobile is under the development of Tencent.


The gameplay

The developer announced that it would be a next-generation survival game. It will have vastly different gameplay improvements but still retain the battle royale features. In which players will invade the 8×8 km wide map with many vehicles and weapons inside. Besides, they need to collect and make use of what is available to turn matches according to ability. Also, the safety rings (Blue Zone) will increasingly narrow and challenge the survival of all players within. Additionally, PUBG: NEW STATE can use the cross-play feature to apply to the game. At this point, you can play with many other players on the PC/Console. However, this will need to optimize the game’s design and overall gameplay to balance mobile players with other platforms.


To refresh a classic PUBG Battle Royale gameplay, the developer has begun to change the long-standing formula of weapons in PUBG. Specifically, the game has allowed players to customize their weapons similar to how Apex Legends works. Each weapon will carry a separate feature so you can optimize your play style like sniper or melee. Besides, players can also show off their unique designs to others.

Vehicles and items

Similar to weapons, the developer has improved vehicles significantly. Although they are still vehicles on actual physics, they still have a bit of modernity and fashion in design. You will see many models of cars, motorcycles, drones and many other new things. Besides, PUBG: NEW STATE also supports a variety of special items. However, they are quite familiar with players who love survival games, such as armor, helmets, and other buffs. Maybe the usage is a bit fancier, but you will get used to it only.


The graphics

PUBG: NEW STATE uses a completely refreshed context, design and graphics compared to Tencent’s version of PUBG. The design will take on a futuristic trend with a simulating map of a world a bit crumbling and lonely. Besides, the game’s landscape is still very impressive with the bright colors and the smooth movement. They will greatly upgrade the player experience. Also, the game has spectacular explosion effects with realistic sound that will change the player’s experience a lot.


PUBG: NEW STATE is a game worth participating in and experiencing for all who love the survival genre. It will bring great emotions from both the original version and newly upgraded ideas. We do not need to talk much more about a famous game franchise like PUBG and a professional development team. Let’s see how well its developer did. We will update the latest versions of PUBG: NEW STATE here. Therefore, don’t forget to follow and review this game if you like it! Have a fun game!

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