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Punch Hero is an exciting action game from the developer Gamevil. It is inspired by classic boxing games, which has been remade to be suitable for mobile phones and has been improved to attract more players. In the game, players will enjoy fun matches with engaging and interesting combat. Please join us to find out about the fascinating game through our reviews below!

About Punch Hero

Punch Hero is a very interesting game on mobile phones. Currently, it has been popular and attracted many players because of its fun and simple action element. Besides, the game will focus on boxing matches without having a specific storyline. In the game, you will control the boxer and master many different skills to win the match. Moreover, it has been released for a long time on mobile, but today it is still searched by a lot of people every day.

Punch Hero mod

The salient features

Attractive gameplay

In Punch Hero, players will transform into a boxing player who participates in the arena of fame. There, you have to face 22 other professional martial artists in fiery matches. At this point, players will need to master boxing skills like Jabs, Hooks, Uppercuts… to gain an advantage in the game. If you win, you will receive a lot of valuable rewards. After that, you can use your rewards to unlock skills, train boxers, and do everything you can to improve your chance of victory.

Easy to control

Punch Hero does a good job at simulating boxing techniques. Sometimes, the game makes them even more interesting. In the game, players only need to use the one-touch operation with the left or right navigation keys to dodge the attack. Also, you can click on your screen to perform punches, swipe up to hook an opponent and hold on the screen for a few seconds to do the defense. The control mechanism is really simple for anyone to play their boxer. However, to do these simple actions well, you still have to practice for a while.

Interesting game modes

At this point, the game has two game modes, consisting of a single-player mode and a two-player mode. Specifically, the single-player mode will not require an internet connection to play the game. You will be about to fight the AI ​​to get high rankings after rounds and win valuable rewards. The AI ​​will become more and more difficult and force players to come up with special strategies to win. In two-player mode, you can combine with another player to fight. During the match, you can chat with them for more fun.


Punch Hero is suitable for all users. It is extremely easy to reach. However, the game will have a bit of violence that may not be suitable for kids. Also, it has many amusing simulation elements that make many players feel interesting.

Punch Hero mod apk

The design evaluation


Punch Hero has medium graphics, which are not appreciated by the player. Specifically, it has a lot of classic rendering and doesn’t really focus on character beautification. The only highlight of the game is the creation of hundreds of characters with interesting and funny looks. Besides, the characters will have quite interesting facial expressions while fighting. It will create laughter for any player. If you are looking for something entertaining, Punch Hero is a perfect choice.

The sound system

Unlike the graphics, the sound of Punch Hero is much better. The soundtrack is very good. Also, the sounds from the matches are diverse. Each of your shots will emit a very loud noise, along with the opponent’s screams. Besides, the audience around will shout a lot to create more excitement for the match.


Punch Hero will bring players exciting boxing fights and laughter. With many explosive features in terms of gameplay, images and sound, the game has proven the interest of players with it over the years. In this article, we will provide the game for free and its future updates here. If you are interested, please follow us regularly. Thanks and have fun!

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