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Remini Pro apk

Currently, Remini is a great tool to help users recover the old photo on Android mobile devices. The app brings perfection for those who want to take pictures according to the trend in the past. This is a tool that makes it easy and completely free for anyone to quickly recover old and low-quality photos and videos. Please join us to find out out more about Remini in this article!

The overview of Remini

Remini is an application from developer Wei Liu that processes images by using AI algorithms. Although this AI technology has been available for a long time, Remini does very well. The app is considered as a savior for the old photos. The app analyzes details in the image, thereby recreating and restoring it as you like.

Specifically, Remini will recover old, fuzzy, or low-quality photos for high definition and display. Since its launch in early 2019, this app has continuously received positive votes from users with more than tens of millions of old photos that have been enhanced.

In the app, there are many utilities for users to choose from, such as Discover (some other options for your photos), Selfie + (improve the quality of selfies), History (to review the photos you have edited). Recovering blurry photos or low-quality videos into new higher quality photos and videos is no longer a problem for users.

The development orientation of Remini

Although the app is using AI technology for a long time, it has received the love of millions of users worldwide. Since its release in July 2019, Remini has been receiving more and more downloads and becoming the topic of many reviews on newspapers and social networks.

Also, the app is regularly updated with new features, improving the quality of photo editing in the best way for customers. That is the reason why Remini is more popular than other apps of the same category. The majority of users are completely satisfied with the level of quality in the app’s visual enhancement. Since there is both a free version and an upgraded version, this app meets the needs of all users.

Remini still holds a special position among the photo-editing applications on Google Play. With the focus on the development and more refreshing of the preeminent features in the publisher’s application, the app will certainly satisfy users even more.

The key features

  • Remini helps users improve the quality of old photos and make them high-resolution photos. By using the AI technology, old and low-resolution quality photos can be corrected and enhanced for better quality.
  • Besides, users can quickly and easily improve their unsatisfied shot to make it better thanks to Remini.
  • Also, the app can fix blurry images and make it a better display. You just need to go to “Enhance” and select the photo you need to edit. Then you just wait a few minutes to have a clear picture.
  • Moreover, Remini corrects blurred video, allowing users to playback of previously recorded videos on many large screen devices.
  • It provides many detailed image processing functions related to AI. In addition to the function of photo restoration and video editing, Remini also features drawing pictures based on existing photos and many other features.

Remini Pro mod

The usage

  • To start editing photos or videos, you open the Remini application’s main interface icon on the main screen. For the first time using the application, an interface appears to introduce the features of the app. At this point, you can press the button “Skip” to skip this step.
  • Then, you click on the “Please Sign in” button in the upper left corner to create a new Remini account for free. Also, users can use their existing Gmail or Facebook account on the phone to log in to the app quickly.
  • In the main interface of Remini, you can select the picture you want to edit from your photo album and press the blue button to start processing.
  • If you want to optimize the picture quality, you can select the “Enhance” function. In which, the image processing speed will be faster, but users have to pay to own it.
  • Click ‘Wait Here’ to continue waiting or ‘Check History later’ to exit and download the images later.
  • After the photo recovery is finished, you can view the photos before and after editing. If you feel like just press the download button in the upper right corner to save or share this image directly to Facebook.
  • If you have chosen to exit the Remini application while the recovery is complete, you can wait for a few minutes and return to the Remini main screen. There, you click on the item ‘History’ to access the history and open the photo you have recovered.


  1. AThe app is released for free with 3 photos for you to edit per day. However, you will get more than that if you pay the fee.
  2. Besides, users can view ads in the app to earn points. After that, you can use this point to buy photo edits on Remini
  3. If you need to regularly edit multiple photos, you can purchase the application’s paid packages.
  4. The time to render long or short is depending on the pixels of the original image
  5. A little trick to increase turns is that users can register multiple accounts to use Remini.

Download Remini Pro MOD for Android

Recently, Remini has been storming on social networks. So far, it has received more than 5 million downloads on Google Play. Different from other photo and video editing applications, Remin brings a lot of emotions to users. You can now restore the old photos and make it more interesting. It will surely make you excited. Readers can download the app at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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