Root Booster MOD APK V4.0.9 [Premium]

  • App Name: Root Booster
  • MOD Features: Premium Unlocked
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 4.0.9
  • Category: Tools
  • Size: 3 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 5.0
  • Update: January 2, 2022 at 06:46
  • Get it from: Play Store


Rooting is a risky process but many Android users love it because this job will help users make your Android phone more interesting. Specifically, you can control the system much easier and simpler. Today, we would like to present to everyone the great app named Root Booster. It will help you get your phone rooted quickly and safely. Please join us to discover interesting information about Root Booster in the article below!

About Root Booster

Root Booster is basically an application that allows users to optimize the performance of their Android phones. It uses a variety of hardware and software customizations to make the phone run faster and smoother. Besides, the app also has useful functions for you to maximize the performance of the device. For non-rooted devices, it also has a number of features. However, you should root your phone to get the best ones. Also, you will need to have knowledge of the phone to be able to make important system changes to avoid unexpected errors.

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Root Booster Premium APK

The key features

Improving the battery

Due to Android phones always have a variety of add-on services from the phone’s developers or the developers of the apps, many tasks and services remain running in the background while your phone is at rest. That makes the Android phones quickly drain the battery. It can even happen with the huge battery capacities device. By using Root Booster, users can cause applications to hibernate immediately. That will prevent any services and tasks from running in the background. After that, users will get significant improvements in battery usage. You can use this option for non-rooted devices. However, if you use the root device, you can also hibernate system applications.

Enhancing the CPU’s performance

In any Android phone, the CPU is an important part. With a weak CPU, your device will make the whole device slow when it runs apps and games. With a high CPU, your phone will consume a lot of your PIN so Root Booster will help you calculate on applications to make the right settings for the entire system. This will help your phone operate smoother and save your battery more.

Efficient RAM management

Also, RAM is an important factor not to be missed on your phone. With VM heap feature, users can now install properly for each app and game available on their phone. You will ensure that they function properly and are well optimized for lag-free usage. Besides, users need to know a little bit of configuration to be able to adjust the apps on your phone’s RAM.

Clear out junk and delete unwanted Cache

The cleaning feature will be available on non-rooted devices. You can scan your entire system and find out which files need to be removed. Then, you can delete them and keep your phone clean. Furthermore, users can also work deeper into the system with rooted devices. By erasing the Cache memory on each application, you will gradually regain the system capacity.

Backup your system

At this point, Root Booster will automatically backup your system while doing the settings on the hardware. The app allows users to save what they have done before. If you have trouble editing, you just need to take a backup and re-download it to bring your phone back to a stable status. This feature seems simple enough, but you’ll need the support of a few other devices and remember to read the instructions carefully to get your job done properly.

Root Booster Premium mod

Download Root Booster Premium APK for free on Android

Root Booster Premium is a paid premium version to upgrade. It has more advanced features for the user. However, not everyone has enough conditions to use this Premium version. Therefore, we share for free in this article as Root Booster Premium APK. Readers can simply visit the link at the end of this article to download and install it for all the premium features.


Root Booster is a great app for those who want to root their phone. It has many advanced features that make it possible to optimize your phone and your whole system. Besides, users can also use Root Booster Premium for free by downloading it at the end of this article. Thanks and have fun!

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