Score! Hero 2022 MOD APK V2.0.3 [Money]

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If you like sports games and especially football, you should at least once hear of the developer First Touch Games Ltd. It is a famous company for producing many interesting football games that have been appreciated by many players. We have shared with you Score! Hero. At the moment, the next version of that game is called Score! Hero 2. It has been officially released. Now you can continue your football career with more challenges and new upgrades.

The gameplay                    

Honestly, the gameplay does not have too many changes compared to the previous version. Players will still continue to play it by overcoming many different levels. In which, each game screen is a challenge with attack situations that need coordination between players. Gamers will focus on controlling and making passes or shots to score goals. Completing those challenges will give you the rewards and unlock the next levels. If you have played part 1, you can easily grasp the basic techniques in the part 2.

Score Hero 2 MOD

The game’s highlights

New football career

A new football career for players to discover is the first change in Score! Hero 2. At this point, players will experience a new football story with their hero. New achievements on the career path will be replaced compared to the previous part. At this point, you need to accumulate enough stars to unlock your achievements on time.

New level

Score! Hero 2 brings over 90 fully assembled and licensed teams from major leagues around the world. You can represent your fan team to start overcoming the challenges. Although the game has just launched, it already has 200 difficulty levels. Shortly, the developer will update more.

Intensive players’ customization

Score! Hero 2 will still allow players to adjust their players in different ways. Those changes are not aimed at changing the hero’s strength, but only to make them more beautiful and stand out in matches. Specifically, gamers can change the color of the hair, beard, name, shirt number, shirt color or even the color of shoes easily. However, you have to accumulate money to be able to buy the items that you like the most.

The professional commentator

The developer orients to make more and more fun for the match. One of the things that makes you more excited is the commentary of the world’s top commentators. You will be cheered with inspirational words in every ball phase. Besides, gamers will also hear the cheers of tens of thousands of spectators in a large stadium, which will inspire your game a lot.

Connect with social networks

Score! Hero 2 uses social media as a tool to help players connect and keep their games going. You can share your achievements with many people or save your game progress easily. Thereby, when you play the game on other devices, you only need to log in to your social network account to be able to continue the challenge.

Score Hero 2 MOD APK

Impressive design

Score! Hero 2 has had many designing and visual improvements suitable for a modern game. Everything has become so much sharper and smoother. Besides, the game has had a lot of changes in the fashion style and appearance of players. The game also brings enhanced animations, making it more realistic for a better experience. Also, the sound system almost inherits the previous version with the points that are already the trademark of the game. However, it is also easy for players to realize that more attractive background music has been added.


Score! Hero 2 is really a game worth experiencing. It has attractive things about football. It has been exploited by the developer First Touch Games Ltd and reproduced very well in this version. Players can also see a lot of amazing improvements. Right now you can download Score! Hero 2 MOD for free on Android phones at the link below. Don’t forget to share or rate this game if you find it interesting. Having fun!

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