Score! Hero MOD APK V2.75 [Unlimited Money]

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Score! Hero is an engaging sports game, which is not developed in the usual way of football games that you often see. Instead, it is a fresh and exciting experience that brings engaging and addictive gameplay to the players. If you are a soccer fan, you should try to explore it once by finding out and downloading Score! Hero MOD for Android phones in this article.

About Score! Hero

The game is under the development and provision of First Touch Games Ltd. This is a famous UK-based developer, which is specializing in developing sports games, especially soccer. Besides, you may know a very famous product of this developer is Dream League Soccer. This game really stands out and receives the attention of many players around the world. On the Google store, it has reached more than 100 million downloads. Those numbers do not mention the turn of people looking for this game in many other sources. See what this game has to offer so many players?

Score Hero MOD

New gameplay

Score! Hero uses completely different mechanics from soccer games you have seen before. You won’t start with a full ball game. Instead, players have to complete a special quest to pass the level quickly. At this point, gamers will mainly have to do the action over the opponent and score goals. You will use one finger to control the direction of the ball by drawing on your phone screen. The game will not limit your creativity, so you can perform coordination with many teammates in the game with quick passes or finishes with a straight shot.

If the opponent blocks your ball or you kick it out, your mission will fail. At this point, you will lose one heart to redo the task. Hearts are your turn. When you use them all, you will need to wait a while for them to recover or buy them from the store with real money. If you pass a level, you will be able to continue to unlock the next level. However, you should keep in mind that the higher the level is, the more difficult the challenges will be. At this point, you have to do the task more carefully.

In Score! Hero, when completing the levels, your performance is rated with stars. The more stars you get, the better your level and the more stars you will unlock the achievements associated with a football career. If you have not achieved the desired number of stars, you can replay those levels.

Unlock many new levels and events

Right now, Score! Hero has nearly 1000 different levels. Regularly, the developer will update more and more. The more you play, the more you will engage in more difficult puzzles. Therefore, the important thing that you need to do to overcome difficult puzzles is to practice a lot while promoting your creativity to the maximum. Also, Score! Hero offers regular events to help players have new experiences. After winning, you will receive rewards for events, including medals and glory.

Customize your football star

Score! Hero is a more likely puzzle game, but it also allows players to build a character. It will be a superstar in your eyes with many intense changes including hair color, skin color, name, shirt color, or shoe color. Besides, players can also change their country with flags to bring glory to their homeland, rankings on Google Play.

Score Hero MOD APK

Impressive 3D graphics

Score! Hero is a great game with high-quality 3D graphics. Everything is done beautifully and colorful. Also, the movement of the characters is really impressive and flexible, making the player feel like they are immersed in a real football world. Besides, the game has an interesting slow-motion system, allowing you to capture all the beautiful moments in the quests. When you score and complete the mission, there will also article about your team on the front page.

Moreover, the sound is an impressive point. Professional commentators will always comment on each situation of the match and the passionate cheers of the audience will also make the game much more exciting.

Download Score! Hero MOD APK for Android

It’s amazing that Score! Hero is available for free. However, we also have a modified version to make everything perfect. Specifically, you will receive unlimited money to shop and change the image in the most comfortable way. To get this MOD version, readers just need to download the APK file at the bottom of the article and install it on your phone to get all the features inside.


Score! Hero is a fascinating game for soccer fans, puzzle-solving, or simply entertainment. It is attractive with many interesting gameplay elements, features and design. More importantly, we have a MOD/Hack version to please loyal fans of Score! Hero and the developer First Touch Games Ltd. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions or ideas about it, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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