SD Maid MOD APK V5.3.10 [Pro Unlocked]

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SD Maid Pro is a must-have tool for everyone to keep your Android phone clean and tidy. Specifically, it provides many effective tools for managing apps and files available on Android phones. Also, the app will help you find the things that slow down your system. You can remove all of them and bring your phone back to the perfect state. Please join us to find out more about SD Maid Pro in this article!

About SD Maid Pro – System Cleaning Tool

SD Maid Pro is developed by a software engineer – Matthias. He has written many other applications and has great experience in working with the Android system. Besides, the app includes two different versions, consisting of SD Maid and SD Maid Pro. The normal version will be available for free download, while the Pro version will need to pay for the download. Of course, the Pro version will have more advanced features, helping users optimize their phones more effectively. Moreover, SD Maid Pro is highly appreciated by many users for finding, managing, and solving system problems of the phone.

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SD Maid Pro mod

Special features

Browse and manage files on your phone

SD Maid Pro will check your entire device and show you complete information about memory, configuration, phone status, and more. However, this browsing will be for reference only for the user. However, SD Maid Pro helps you manage the files effectively as you can do more to optimize your Android phone.

Delete redundant files from the system

After the scanning, you will likely find a lot of junk files on your phone like ads, empty folders, temporary files… They will appear as folders in the form of links. At this point, you can delete them instantly with a simple click.

Search for files by folders

At this point, SD Maid Pro has a powerful tool to help you enter the name of the folder or file you want to search. Then you can see it exactly on your phone including the path to the folder containing that file. Furthermore, you can also click the whole search so that the app shows tens of thousands of files present in the device in just a few seconds.

Manage the apps on the phone

With SD Maid Pro, you can check all programs and apps on your phone. Here, you can perform more advanced operations with the applications to optimize your system. Specifically, readers can start, disable, delete, or export apps as APK files to share with others.

Cache cleanup

During the operation, the Android phone, and including any installed applications, will generate cache files. These files will build up and put more pressure on your phone’s memory. The app will easily find each app’s cache and clear them to free up your phone. Deleting cache files doesn’t mean deleting the app, so you can rest assured.

Detect duplicate files

Besides, SD Maid Pro will detect the same files on your phone. Even if you rename the files, the app analyzes and finds their matches and makes them appear. Then, you can decide to delete them to free up your phone memory.

Scheduled scan or widget

At this point, you can schedule of cleaning of the application. Once the time has been set, the app will automatically find and delete all the things that you have pre-set in the settings. This will be a very convenient feature for users.

SD Maid Pro mod apk

Download SD Maid MOD APK (Pro) for free on Android

SD Maid Pro is a premium version that you have to pay to download it from the Google Play store. If you want to get it for free, you have come to the right site. We are always working hard to bring the latest versions of SD Maid Pro to everyone. Readers can access the link at the end of this article to download. Then, you can install it to enjoy the full version.


SD Maid Pro is an effective application for optimizing and controlling your phone. It’s simple to use and plenty of good features for you to take advantage of. Especially, you can use SD Maid Pro for free by downloading it on our Blog. Besides, you can pay to download it to support the developer. Thanks and have fun!

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