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Shadow Fight 3 is one of the 4 hottest video game series on the market at the moment. It belongs to the role-playing action-fighting genre. The game has a lot of great features. In this article, we give you all the information about the game. Please join us to check it out right now!

About Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is one of the games with a large number of players in the world today. This game is researched and developed by Nekki Games, Russia. Previously, the first version of the game was available in 2001. However, this version of Shadow Fight lasted only 6 years and was permanently closed.

Shadow Fight 3 attracts many players

By early 2017, the game has been improved with perfect 3D graphics, produced exclusively by Nekki. The game was released again on the Android operating system. From here, this fighting game becomes closer and is popular in the gaming market.

Following the success of the two previous games, it became a new masterpiece with attractive, vivid 3D graphics and nice colors. Shadow Fight 3 promises to bring players memorable mobile experiences.

The unique game content

Shadow Fight 3 has a similar plot to the previous two versions. However, the texture has changed more. In this game series, we use the dark power of Shadow Energy, Legion and Dynasty. The conflicts of thought and power will make the battle glorious.

Besides, the game has an association of anonymous players, who know the details of the power of darkness. Therefore, when you join this game, you will become a member of the Shadow Brigade. In which, you are a member of the Legion to make the war even more intense.

Shadow Fight 3 has a unique and interesting storyline

Also, this game is divided into many different levels, creating excitement for players. Moreover, it helps you to enhance flexibility, observe the situation. Each level will have a clear change in difficulty such as:

  • Easy: You can win it easily.
  • Medium: it is also simple to win.
  • Difficult: try a little and win.
  • Very difficult: hard to win.
  • Extremely difficult: This is the most difficult level, requiring the player to concentrate, meticulously calculate to win.

It depends on the level and skill that each person can pass the level or not. Therefore, gamers have to practice more and more to overcome all obstacles and opponents easily.

The advantages of Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is a modern game that attracts many people to register and play. The reason is simple because this game has countless advantages that people enjoy such as:

Brand new graphics

In the game, characters are nice with full color on background 3D graphics. Also, the game features vivid and sharp images. Besides, it also knows how to bring modern trends into it. Also, Shadow Fight 3 does not use shadows like the previous two parts. Instead, it improves to bring more clear graphics and nicer characters. Each martial arts technique, gestures and costumes are beautiful.

Moreover, the game quality is better than previous versions. Therefore, the game created an incredibly realistic and vivid world for players. Its graphics are new, including character system, battle map, or items…

Nice, clear graphics in Shadow Fight 3

The game developer used a proprietary technology called Cascadeur. It is like animations that have been included in many previous titles. The context is designed with surprisingly beautiful frames.

Besides, the chapters take players to different visual worlds. Therefore, when you engage in fighting, you will feel like enjoying real life. All the things are detailed with many unexpected fighting situations.

Clear sound

Perhaps one point of great success for the game is the very nice sound system. When the game was released, the developer was extremely interested in designing the sound of the player.
Also, the sound of weapons, the screams of the characters or the sound at the environment all bring a sense of authenticity. The soundtrack is mysterious and adventurous, providing a clear fighting background. It brings players into the ancient world of martial arts heroes like the movie.

A lot of modern equipment for characters

The game has a clear plot with 3 factions:

  • Dynasty
  • Legion
  • Heralds

The mission of the factions is to help their guild win with a variety of weapons systems such as darts, hats, armor… In the game, gamers can use a lot of offensive weapons with its special features.

Before starting the battle, you should pay attention to equip yourself with good items, which will make you more advantages in fighting. Also, players can collect items after defeating the enemy or during the game.

Beautiful costumes and weapons in Shadow Fight 3

Also, Shadow Fight 3 brings the equipment system like a true RPG. In the game, players can customize characters with weapons and armor systems. This allows you to increase defense and attack indicators.

It can be understood in a simpler way that the player can freely combine the items. Besides, the equipment system is divided into 4 levels:

  • Normal
  • Rarely
  • Peak
  • Legendary

The large game world with diverse challenges

Shadow Fight 3 is upgraded both game modes and a large map. This allows players to meet many enemies in many different lands. In particular, the enemies will have extremely strong hidden powers. Therefore, gamers must pass through all dangerous gates.

With many game modes, the game world ensures providing players with diverse experiences. In which it brings a sense of comfort, adventure in mysterious lands. From that, players can improve their ability and level up.

How to play Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is similar to other role-playing games. Its gameplay is not too complicated. In which you just need to use the control panel to move. There will be flexible movement keys on your device. Players can attack the enemy quickly.

Also, the game offers fast attack and defense. In particular, with beautiful fighting techniques thanks to modern graphics technology, players can release special powers. Meanwhile, you can use advanced weapons such as:

  • Long-range weapons: use darts to attack enemies from a distance.
  • Magic: Using magic to attack enemies very fast and accurate.
  • The power of darkness: Unlock the special power of the weapons. You can use it to create critical attacks and knock out opponents easier.

In addition to modern weapons, gamers also combine arms and legs simultaneously to confront the enemy. The continuous punches and kicks will make the opponent do not back up promptly. This will reduce its blood quickly.

Instructions for installing Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK on Android

Shadow Fight 3 has 3D visual graphics, nice colors and character designs. The developer has invested a lot of time and money. Moreover, the impressive game sound helps players have the best gaming experience. However, everyone can download this game for free on our site.

Installing Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK on Android phones

  • First, you will need to download an APK of the game with the link at the end of this article.
  • Next, click on the file and select “Install”
  • Finally, you just need to wait for the installation process to complete and it will be possible to open the game to start the fight right away.

However, all players need to pay attention to prepare a phone with a good enough configuration and large memory capacity to play Shadow Fight 3. It will ensure the game run smoothly.


Shadow Fight 3 game is an attractive fighting game. However, to be able to win challenges, you need to keep in mind a few things like:

The experience in upgrading items

For Shadow Fight 3 game, upgrading items is extremely important. The more upgrade you apply, the higher the defense will be. The most essential things that you need to upgrade are the helmet and armor.

To do that, you should research on upgrading helmet and armor indicators. Moreover, you will find that the indicators of shirts, helmets, arm strength, and darkness attacks are different. Therefore, before fighting, you need to choose the appropriate items to equip the character. Also, you should not put unnecessary things because they can affect your ability.


We have just given you detailed information about Shadow Fight 3. It is one of the best games that you should not miss. This martial arts game is extremely worth to experience for those who like fighting games. During the playing period, you can find and learn more about the game for perfect skills. Have a great gaming time!

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