Shadow Fight Arena MOD APK V1.3.2 [Stupid AI/Auto Win]

  • App Name: Shadow Fight Arena
  • MOD Features: Stupid AI/Auto Win
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 1.3.2
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 825 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 5.0
  • Update: January 18, 2022 at 14:31
  • Get it from: Play Store


Shadow Fight Arena is a new and exciting action game from the famous developer NEKKI. Also, NEKKI is the developer of many world-famous games, such as Shadow Fight 2, or Shadow Fight 3. This new game brings a larger open world of shadow league battles. In which you get multiplayer combats, and almost everything is surprisingly expanded compared to the other Shadow games. If you are interested in Shadow Fight Arena, please join us in this article to find out more about it right now!

The story of the dark world

Like the games in its series, Shadow Fight Arena has a pretty epic opening story. It will impress players right at first sight. Also, you will feel excited and curious about the most mysterious things about that dark world.

Shadow Fight Arena MOD APK

In the game, the story begins when the portal of darkness was broken and dark energies entered the world. Humans had to try to counter those dark energies by collecting, controlling and experimenting with them. However, that cannot weaken the power of that energy. Besides, the dark energies began to transform and evolve so that it could become perfect, which became a conscious dark entity. Its goal was to dominate the world and embrace everything in darkness. At this time, the world will need warriors to stand up and rush into the arenas to fight these forces. Since then, fierce endless battles started.

The gameplay

If you have played any games in the Shadow Fight series, you will be familiar with the gameplay of Shadow Fight Arena. Specifically, players will control warriors in classic matches with drag and hold operations on mobile. Also, you must constantly move and combine some operations to form combos to destroy your opponents. When the green energy bar is fully charged, you will also have the ability to transform into black shadows. At this point, the power will be enhanced greatly, and you can perform the critical skill.

Instead of playing a hero in many different rounds to win as before, you will have to play 3 different heroes in the entire match to beat 3 other opponents. Tactics and gameplay will also have to constantly change to match the generals and situations. From there, the game will enhance its appeal and final appeal for players who are passionate about action.

The game modes

The game provides you with four basic game modes. Each of them will bring you different opponents and difficulty levels including:

  • Ranked: This is a ranking game mode for online matches. Specifically, you will compete with other online players. Also, players will have to win to earn points and climb higher in the rankings of the seasons.
  • Unranked: In this mode, it is similar to the rank mode, but there is a difference that you will not be graded. You can use it to practice before starting to play the ranking mode.
  • AI Only: This mode will pair you with an opponent of the AI ​​system. This is also an interesting mode for practice.
  • VS Friend: If you have friends, you can immediately play with them in this mode. You challenge your friends’ abilities and get chuckles in battle.

Hero system

In the game, the hero collection will be divided into 3 factions including Rare, Epic and Common. Please explore them and see what their special abilities are right below:


  • Helga: She is a warrior who was raised in the castle and is distinguished by the outside world. There, she learns to control the energy of light. Her two skills are “Shield of Light” and “Combine”.
  • Ling: This is an old Shadowsmith with a good knowledge of dark energy. He has a sword “Katana” and a “Flask”. Besides, Ling is a patient martial artist with a good ability to block attacks. He is also the one who turns the counterattack with the katana.
  • Yukka and Shade: She is a revolutionary to create a world without factions, rulers, or caste. She will fulfill this wish by winning the tournament no matter what.
  • Jet: This is a girl from the distant future to defeat Shadow Mind and stop the destruction. Also, Jet is extremely agile with dangerous long-range combos.

Shadow Fight Arena APK OBB


  • Azuma: He is an expert at solving dark disasters, who knows how to restrain those who use dark energy. Besides, Azuma’s attacks can also negate the ability to increase dark energy.
  • Ironclad: This character is a criminal with nothing to lose. He has no right to carry weapons. In the game, Ironclad participated in this tournament to defend himself. He is very stubborn with quick accessibility.
  • Shang the Monk: He is a powerful warrior and adores Shadow Mind. Every time he attacks or gets attacked, a lot of dark energy can be stored. He will be stronger in the dark form with the ability to overwhelm opponents.
  • Fireguard: This character was created in a secret research room, and is a robot. He can create infinite dark energy and turn it into flames to attack the enemy. When Fireguard is near the opponent and takes damage, it is possible to activate the terrible self-destruct protocol.
  • Kate: He’s a Legion and liquidator soldier, who can counteract his opponent’s dark energy. In the game, Kate is the star of Shadow Mind worshipers with the ability to use the dark energy obtained to fight the enemy.
  • Jack Bulwark: This character is a stubborn warrior of Legion. He joins the darkness tournament to find himself. Jack Bulwark’s skills help him to resist the damage and can overturn the situation.


  • Marcus: This is a great hero of the past and the only one who refused to participate in the tournament. However, Shadow Mind somehow forced him to join. With the giant sword, he can do a lot of damage but also slow him down. His “Through the Glitch” skill makes him incredibly fast.
  • Kibo: This is a female character. She has dark-energy eyes, which was the result of the failure in the fight with Shadow Mind. The help of dark energy will rush into the opponent continuously and deal great damage. But she will lose her dark energy if she leaves the battles. So, you should keep fighting.
  • Emperor: This character used to be a good ruler but his body is under control of a Shadow Beast. It consumes dark energy and only waits for the opportunity to release. When the Emperor becomes the Shadow Beast, the damage increases greatly and few people can resist this power.

The game design

Shadow Fight Arena is quite similar to Shadow Fight 3 in design. It is still a modern graphic platform with attractive and beautiful backgrounds. Besides, the characters are in detailed and very outstanding. The evolutionary abilities come with epic effects, which provide an enjoyable experience for the player. Also, the game has a diverse sound system including vibrant background music and other sounds (punching and cutting). The design of Shadow Fight Arena will also require you to have a mid-range or higher device to experience the game smoothly.


Shadow Fight Arena is a great game. So far, it has received a lot of compliments from players. It is not due to the game is from a famous manufacturer. It offers real value and fun for the player. Readers can Shadow Fight Arena MOD APK for free at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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