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SimCity BuildIt is an interesting game on a smart mobile device that recreates the modern city. At the moment, it is available on the Android operating system. This game demonstrates the professional management talents of the monumental city where you have focussed on building it. Besides, gamers also enjoy the game with beautiful 3D graphics. Please join us to check it right now!

The appearance of SimCity BuildIt

SimCity is a city-building game, which was launched in the late 80s of the last century on the PC platform. It has become an interesting entertainment for many young people. The latest version from the EA developer has brought a bright, sharp design. It is definitely better than the previous versions.

SimCity BuildIt - build a dream city

When you look closely at the game, you will see the details of the city become incredibly modern. Although the basic principles of the game remain the same as the previous version, the square shapes have changed from a top-down perspective. Instead, it’s a big 3D world that stands out in color. In which players can build the city their way.

The game was released in the late 1980s. So far, this building game series has become a great way of entertainment for gamers of all ages. Besides, the game has gone through many big changes from graphics to sound and images. It will take players some time to build a city as you like. With the steps of planning the residential quarters, SimCity BuildIt also has to build roads, electricity and water systems for the people. All tasks require players to complete full, so it has attracted a lot of people interested and love the game.

The construction strategy in SimCity BuildIt

SimCity is a city-building game. However, in order to build a developing zone, players need to have a specific plan. You must set the direction of development and build a solid foundation from the beginning. To do that, you can refer to the following strategy:


In the process of building a new residential area in SimCity, you need to build the necessary service areas, such as fire stations, police… If you want to protect the whole neighborhood, you cannot put these function buildings in the corner. Instead, you should locate them in the middle of the residents or close to the residential areas.

Players need to clearly plan their city building

Besides, the areas you build need to be provided with services to avoid abandonment or loss of taxes. Depending on the area, there are clear functions. For industrial and service areas, it is not necessary to place a police station or a fire station in the center.

Maintain the operation of factories

Keeps the factory always running stably. You can expand its production cells and order as many products as possible. This will bring you more profit.

For factories, players have to keep it running or expand it to produce more and more. It is advisable to fill the factory with as many items as possible to not to waste your time.

Players can trade to make money

In addition to the products, the game sometimes gives you contract notices, which is good for you to produce or sell them at the best prices. Also, some contracts are not too expensive. At this point, you should refuse to wait for the other better ones.

Should not relocate residential areas or invest much in building new roads

In this game, players should not spend money to move a neighborhood. Also, there’s no need for building a new road. To re-plan the city, you simply need to expand the roads, redirect them through the necessary buildings. Besides, you can delete old roads, change them, or simply leave them there as part of the city. After that, you will have a better city.

Building factories far from residential areas

If a factory has been built in a residential area, you should move far from the residential area. You can put the factory on the outskirts. This design will make the living environment safer and can still provide a full range of services for residents in the city.

Deny requests of increasing the population

Filling your city with new citizens will make you exhausted because you have to take care of a large population. They will make a lot of requests and proposals. So, you should know how to reject residents’ requests, which will reduce your pressure.

How to play SimCity BuildIt well to quickly get a dream city?

To play SimCity quickly to get high scores, you should follow these instructions:

Step 1: Select a city to start construction according to your ideas.

Step 2: Turn on the overview map to identify factors when building. Observing the map well will help you get correct way to develop your city.

Step 3: Observe the 2 elements of water and wind direction. It will help you identify clearly the building direction later on.

Step 4: Create the main highway axes to start construction. At this point, you should use the cheapest road to save costs.

Step 5: Building three basic types of works, including residential houses, service areas and industrial parks. During this process, players should pay attention to the wind direction to minimize damage, while limiting emissions that affect health.

A perfect city when you know how to build

Step 6: Building essential works, including power plants, clean water plants, sewage treatment plants…

Step 7: Building a town hall to solve people’s problems. This is also a new feature of the game.

Step 8: Monitor the tax rate to invest in important projects.

Step 9: Deal with social issues. At this point, gamers should give priority to the following direction: education – health – firefighting – security. Because the people in the city do not need these things at first, so you do not need to build in the above steps. When you have enough money, you should build them immediately. Note that, you can put these buildings near residential areas and services to increase their land value.

Step 10: Observe the city and solve problems if necessary. In this step, you do not need to build works anymore. Instead, you just wait for the money to return.

Therefore, with 10 basic steps, you can shape your perfect city. Besides, you can build your city in different directions as you like. Please pay attention to create reasonable residential areas according to the essential needs in life.

Some key features of the game SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt brings a lot of attractive features for you to experience, specifically:

  • SimCity is recreating the world to help new players have an entire view.
  • Solve city problems such as traffic, fire and pollution, environment…
  • More basic services in the city such as water, electricity… They will help the city busier and more modern.
  • It is possible to explore the city in every angle because the game features a 360-degree rotation.
  • Day and night circle.
  • Highlight iconic city landmarks like casinos, amusement parks…

With these features, players will easily build a prosperous city. Since then, making the population more crowded, developing business, earning more profits,…


If you want to earn gold, you need to be patient. With the new players, it is not easy to build the city as its original idea. Besides, the 3D graphics part is vivid and sharp, but it is also easy to confuse players between buildings because of the touch operation on smartphones. More importantly, the interaction between the players is not high, which sometimes makes it boring for gamers.

How to install SimCity on Android phones?

Installing SimCity is not too difficult. Gamers just need to visit Google Play, search the keyword “SimCity BuildIt” and install it easily.

Installing SimCity BuildIt on Android devices

Besides, we will give you another great way to install it. You only need to download the APK file of SimCity BuildIt with the link at the end of this article. It is a modified version with more advanced features than the original version. After that, you just need to click directly on the APK file and select “Install”. Wait for the installation to finish and enjoy the game.


So, above are the discoveries as well as experiences of the SimCity BuildIt game. Please refer to the information in the article to become the best “mayor”. We wish you quickly complete the dream city. If you have any comments and reviews, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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