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Simple Habit Premium apk

Simple Habit is a great application on Android phones that helps users take care of their health. It is recommended by therapists, psychologists and health professionals. It offers the potential to change your life with better sleep, from which users will find life becomes happier. If you want to have a better life, please join us to learn about this interesting application with the information below.

About Simple Habit

This app is under the development and provision of Simple Habit, Inc for Android phones, IOS, and web platforms. It has won many high awards for good applications in 2017 and 2018. Also, the app is selected by the editors as a good application in taking care of people’s health. Furthermore, Simple Habit is a free app on mobile stores. If you want better support, Simple Habit Premium will be a smart choice. But readers can pay or get the Premium version for free right here.

The key features

Easy to use anytime, anywhere

Simple Habit offers quick learning and training for everyone. You can use it anywhere in your free time. You just need to choose lessons with durations that suit your breaks like 5-minute lessons, 10-minute lessons, or longer lessons up to 60 minutes. Also, Simple Habit has helps you get rid of drowsiness and achieve a certain level of alertness to start work immediately after using the app.

Relieve stress with a quick meditation

Meditation is one of the healthiest ways to reduce stress and improve sleep. In Simple Habit, meditation methods will be guided by the world’s best experts or experienced monks. Besides, you can also use the offline meditation feature to relieve stress no matter where you are. Of course, users need to maintain the exercises and track progress regularly.

Motivate you

Simple Habit keeps everyone motivated with fun and exciting workouts. You can also hear many lively talks about health knowledge. They are both fun and motivating to learn or jump into the exercises right away. Users can also track progress to enjoy the joy of progress day by day.

Build good habits

Bringing good habits to users is the top goal of Simple Habit. Specifically, it creates countless good habits for users such as meditation, concentration, work, stays calm, improves self-awareness, increases sensation, breathes deeper, has a better mind, improves relationships, etc. Of course, users will not be able to immediately acquire those habits but you will need to build and practice them regularly with Simple Habit.

Simple Habit Premium apk mod

What’s more in Simple Habit Premium?

Simple Habit Premium is a premium version and has to be paid to download and use. The price for one month is 12 dollars, and for one year is more than 50 dollars. The only feature you will get is unlimited access to premium content in the app. They are intense and advanced lessons that help you quickly practice your abilities. In addition, users can download lessons for offline learning easily.

How to download and use Simple Habit Premium for free?

If you are not ready to upgrade to Simple Habit Premium, we bring a very good solution right here. By downloading the APK file of the free shared app at the end of this article, you can unlock a premium version. It has full lessons for everyone. You can rest assured because the files are safe and can be downloaded quickly.


It is great to have an app like Simple Habit that can support your health and help you change bad habits. Moreover, it is completely free for anyone to download. The above features are only part of its benefits when you use the app. Let’s use Simple Habit regularly to see the change in your health and don’t forget to let us know what you think about it in the comment section below!

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