Songsterr Guitar MOD APK V4.1.3 [Premium]

  • App Name: Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords
  • MOD Features: Premium Unlocked
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 4.1.3
  • Category: Music & Audio
  • Size: 3 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 6.0
  • Update: January 16, 2022 at 19:19
  • Get it from: Play Store


Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords is a fun app for those who want to play the guitar or any other musical instrument. You will find this great app to offer a lot of interesting online music learning materials, so you can access to study anywhere, anytime. Moreover, you can use Songsterr to play instruments you love and share your passion with others. Please find out about this fun app with our reviews below!

About Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords

This is a fun music and audio application for mobile phones. It has been under the development of Songsterr, who also has a website for studying musical instruments. Also, Songsterr is an extended version of the mobile version. Especially, you can upload your Tabs if you want. In this app, you get access to multiple tracks with full chords, tabs and learning guides. Besides, the application also has many useful and convenient options for users to choose from. Moreover, it provides you with the premium version with more advanced features.

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Songsterr Guitar Premium apk mod

The key features

Effective application for learning

Songsterr provides you with simple and convenient access options. It allows you to easily navigate to different tabs in the app. Also, you can review songs from the history or access starred favorites. This application will be a great experience for everyone to learn music according to their preferences.

Huge collection of tabs and chords

At this point, this app has a huge collection of different tabs and chords. You can freely choose from more than 500,000 study materials for a variety of musical instruments. Moreover, users will also have high-quality audio transcriptions, allowing you to easily learn and memorize songs.

Simply practicing the musical instruments

Songsterr will help you maximize your learning with many practical songs. At this point, the app provides you with a long bar, which will show musical notes that are played continuously to make it easy for users to follow. Also, you can play songs at multiple speeds to make your practice even simpler. You have a mute option to make playing with background music a lot easier. Moreover, several loop features will give you continuous practice without wasting time performing song playback.

Full copyright content

In Songsterr, with a huge library of more than a million songs, all of them will be fully copyrighted. Everything inside is legal. There, the author will receive their copyright profit in each song, along with tabs and chords. This is a great thing for growing the music community. More and more people will contribute.

Use offline

This app can be completely offline by downloading what they need before disconnecting from the network. However, if you have a network connection, you will get more interesting features. Getting online for the free version will also come with in-app ads. You can upgrade to the Premium plan to enjoy more features.

Songsterr Guitar Premium apk

The requests

If you are interested in and want to install this application, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. First, you can download the free version in the stores and many places, but the Premium version requires a fee to upgrade or download at our website. Besides, for the application to work stably, your phone also needs to run Android 4.4 or higher. The app will also ask for some additional access to your microphone. At this point, you should agree with them to ensure the app works properly.

What’s more in Songsterr Premium?

The music lover will surely want to know what features of Songsterr Premium are before deciding to upgrade it or not. In this article, we share more of the features that you can get using the premium version including:

  • Change the playback speed.
  • Loop.
  • Count in.
  • Mute current track.
  • Play current track solo.
  • Shift pitch.
  • Remove ads.

Download Songsterr Premium APK for free on Android

Anyone looking for a way to download Songsterr Premium for free has come to the right place. In this article, we have almost everything you need about the app and how to download Songsterr Premium. You can do it with the link at the end of this article. You just need to select the version you want to download then install it on your Android phone. All premium features will be fully unlocked in Songsterr MOD APK.


Overall, Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords is an accessible and fun app for all music lovers. This application provides many music lessons for different instruments. Moreover, you can get Songsterr Premium on our website for free to enhance your experience.

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