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Sonic Cat: Slash the Beats is an engaging music game with simple but addictive gameplay. In the game, players will experience great music and see the character Sonic Cat cut the color blocks. Also, gamers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in hundreds of interesting challenges with increasing difficulty levels. Please join us to learn more about the game in this article.

About Sonic Cat: Slash the Beats

For those who are interested in music or fast-paced games, Sonic Cat is a perfect option. This game is under the development of Badsnowball Limited. Reference to the game, it combines music, running, and action of characters. It is in the Hack-and-slash style that is extremely addictive. You can choose any track and control the cat into music races to get more rewards and keep challenging higher tempo songs.

Sonic Cat MOD

The gameplay

In Sonic Cat, players will begin playing by choosing their challenge songs. It is even more difficult if the songs have a rapid rhythm. At this point, Sonic cat will run on a simulated track when the music starts. On the track, there are lights or a light guard constantly running towards the cat Sonic. You will have to control him to slash on those marks to make the sound and match with the original song that you have chosen. That will create a great mix with a passionate melody. After the song is over, you will receive rewards. Then, you can use them to unlock more songs and weapons for Sonic cat.

The key features

Simple and intuitive interface

Sonic Cat provides simple and realistic one-touch controls. Players need to click on the left or right of the phone screen to Sonic Cat slash towards that side. Besides, you can hold your finger to slash continuously. Besides, you can also make some changes to the gameplay of Sonic Cat by changing the game’s settings.

Hundreds of attractive songs

In Sonic Cat, players can entertain with a diverse song collection from many different genres such as EDM, POP… More specifically, Sonic Cat can identify your location to provide hot songs there. Also, players can choose songs in some other categories, such as VIP with more impressive songs.

Fashion and weapons for Sonic Cat

To make this game more interesting, the developer provides some features that relate to the cat. First, you can change the appearance of the cat with unique outfits in different styles. Next, you can also change many unique weapons such as swords, lollipops or even a chicken.

Playing the game for free without Internet

In Sonic Cat, players can use all the features for free. You can download this game easily and have access to almost everything in the game. Also, you can play it without the internet.

The evaluation of the image and sound quality

About the image

Sonic Cat is built with morden technology, giving players an immersive 3D experience. There, you can experience the stunning visual effects and exciting in-game environment. Besides, you will also find unique physics, which are suitable for a hack-and-slash game.

About the sound

Due to Sonic Cat is a music game, you’ll always find great songs here. They are in the best sound quality. Besides, the developer regularly updates more and more trending songs.

Sonic Cat MOD APK

Experience Sonic Cat MOD for free on Android

Sonic Cat is a free game, so it has in-app purchases or ads. However, if you want to remove ads and get a lot of money without doing so hard, you should choose Sonic Cat MOD APK from our website. You just need to download the game at the link at the bottom of the article and install it on your Android phone as usual. After that, you can enjoy all the advanced features for free.


If you are looking for a game for entertainment, Sonic Cat is a good choice for you. It offers a lot of engaging songs with additive gameplay. Moreover, players can enjoy the game and its advanced features for free with the Mod version below. Have a fun game!

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