Soul Knight MOD APK V4.0.1 [Unlimited Money]

  • App Name: Soul Knight
  • MOD Features: Unlimited Money
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 4.0.1
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 127 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 4.4
  • Update: January 21, 2022 at 19:35
  • Get it from: Play Store


Soul Knight is a very cool classic-action game from the developer ChillyRoom on mobile phones. It is a perfect combination between RPG and shooting elements. In the game, players will be joining an endless adventure in the mysterious world. In which, there are many dungeons and monsters for players to conquer. Also, you will need to collect a variety of weapons and develop special abilities to combat all the dangers lurking around. Are you ready to enter this exciting world? Please join us to find out more about the game’s highlights at the link below!

The story

Humans have acquired power through magic stones. However, aliens stole them. In this game, you are a hero, who has to stand up to find the lost stones. However, many difficult challenges are waiting for you ahead with so much work to be done. Besides, players have to choose from many different hero classes and learn to control their powers. You will battle many opponents in endless dungeons. You may receive a lot of precious rewards and fun in this journey.

Soul Knight MOD Hack

Simple gameplay

Going deeper into the game, you can experience intuitive gameplay and smooth action. Players will take weapons and receive special missions in dungeons. Specifically, you will move and clean up all the monsters that are blocking your way and get rid of everything. Also, you have to move around and avoid dangers and find ways to counterattack them. Moreover, players can also easily swap out weapons and transform skills to create powerful combos for increasing the attacking power. Besides, you should not forget to collect items and pick up more interesting buffs in each level.

Special hero

In Soul Knight’s adventure, gamers will see many different heroes. They are gathered in a large room for you to comfortably access and pick up them. Each character will belong to a certain class with unique abilities and characteristics. How to choose character classes also determines a lot about your playing style. If you want to dive in with melee and powerful attacks, the knights will be a good choice. If you want to control the elemental powers and control the enemy, you should choose the mage or alchemist. Besides, the assassins will be a perfect choice if you like sneaky fighting style.

Diverse weapons system

Over many development stages and updates, the number of weapons in Soul Knight has reached more than 270 different types. Not only are they varied in number but also are very large. You will need to choose carefully to get the right weapon for your character. The weapons will be graded distinctly and players can easily distinguish them through colors including:

  • White: This is a normal weapon
  • Green: At this point, it is quite good weapon.
  • Blue: It is a good weapon.
  • Purple is a rare weapon.
  • Orange is a very rare weapon.
  • Red is a legendary weapon.

Pets and unique Buffs

For your hero to have more help, you can adopt more pets that are suggested in the game. Currently, the game has more than 20 different types of pets on offer. Initially, you will receive a cat and the remaining pets can be unlocked by returning gems or by completing quests. Besides, you can change pets in the living room before selecting the character.
Besides, there is a series of special buffs to support characters fighting in Soul Knight. Some player buffs can appear in levels with short-term effects. Others can be activated by players from the weapons they use.

Soul Knight MOD Hack APK

The diverse levels and powerful monsters

Soul Knight has a rich and powerful leveling system. Dungeons are random and have little overlap. This creates an attractive and not boring for players. Moreover, the game also has many puzzles scattered along your journey, take players sometimes to solve your interesting puzzles and actions. Also, the game offers a game mode that many people can join, with up to 4 people. Thereby, you can challenge with fiery and exciting PvP matches. Besides, Soul Knight also has many powerful monsters and bosses. They will push your adventures to the climax with classic dungeon battles.

The graphics


Soul Knight has a simple and light pixel graphics style. You will not see any impressive images. However, it provides a smooth experience while playing on your Android phone. That seems to have received a positive response from players.


For the sound, Soul Knight uses simple but very addictive retro soundtracks. You will get action, thrill, and drama in a game. Also, the character’s action sound effects are simulated very accurately to a very good experience for the player.

Download Soul Knight MOD/Hack APK for Android

Soul Knight is a free game, which you can download in many places. iN this article, we would like to give you more than a free version, which is Soul Knight Hack. It will give you a lot of gems so you can comfortably shop for the equipment and items you want. To download this version, readers can go to the bottom of our post and click on the link.


Soul Knight is a simple but very interesting game. It has been popular for a long time. The game offers fast and addictive action gameplay, along with rich and engaging features for players to explore. More importantly, we have Soul Knight MOD APK with many things unlocked for free. Readers can download it right here!

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