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State of Survival is an interesting strategy game from the developer KingsGroup Holdings for Android phones. It revolves around the survival of people in the post-apocalyptic world. In the game, players have to go through exciting but also dangerous activities. Awaiting you will be crazy attacks from zombies or dangerous monsters. Please join us to find out more about this fascinating strategy game right now!

State of Survival: Eternal battle with zombies

Start the story

The future is not far away when people embark on the study of many different mysterious things. At this time, a virus broke out and made people crazy and bloodthirsty. Most of the humans have been transformed, leaving only a few survivors who must fight to survive. In this game, players will have to participate as a survivor fighting and building bases. You will need to do everything to survive and discover the story inside this game.

State of Survival mod apk

Strategy Battle

In State of Survival, gamers will players the role of a hero and also a commander. They will control a base and lead a few others to fight the zombies. The battle is built according to careful tactics with a variety of weapons and skills. During fights, you have to lead your team through the levels, then choose a position that you think is effective for fighting to prevent attacks from zombies. Besides, the heroes will have unique combat skills that you have to learn and use during combat. Specifically, gamers have to use energy points to activate skills and wait for them to recover so they can continue using them. The game will end when you block all the attacks. After that, gamers will receive rewards.

Various heroes

Moreover, the hero system will be something that players need to pay much attention to if they want to progress in the game. First, you will need to capture the strength of heroes by parameters such as hero type, skill set, etc. Next, you need to learn how to combine heroes into a team. A suitable formation will create a skill set that can complete each other. Finally, gamers also need to upgrade the heroes to get more good stats.

Abundant quests

State of Survival consists of a long story with many different parts. You will explore each part of the story in turn with quests or chapters of the story. After completing missions, you can unlock more buildings, get more rewards and in-game resources.

Many massive projects

The game will have 3 different types of buildings including economic buildings, military buildings and decorative buildings. When you reach certain levels, you can unlock the buildings you want and build them on the open fields. Also, players can use resources to upgrade buildings to increase their efficiency. In addition, you also have the option to customize and arrange the buildings according to the location and direction you want to build.

Diverse item system

The game will have a bag for players to collect items during the game. State of Survival will have a lot of items to support your play. Making good use of the items will help you a lot in difficult matches and progress quickly through each part of the game.

State of Survival mod

Play with many others

One of my favourite features about State of Survival is that you can also play with other players. You can chat with people on the world chat channel with gossip or exchange combat experiences. In addition, players can also join military alliances to fight against other ones.

Beautiful graphics

State of Survival is built with extremely sharp high-quality images. Players can experience frame rates up to 60 FPS and also enjoy many impressive effects. Also, the game is designed with a realistic style with a top-down perspective combined with post-apocalyptic style sound and light, making players feel like they are living in real life.

Download State of Survival MOD for free for Android

We have just given you the necessary information about State of Survival, but it is just a part to help you visualize this interesting game. If you want to enjoy it, you can download State of Survival MOD for free at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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