Stick Warfare: Blood Strike MOD APK V7.5.0 [Unlocked/Money]


Stick Warfare: Blood Strike is a simple fun action game from the developer Team Modernator. In the game, players will join in an exciting battle with many opponents. You can use a variety of unique weapons to defeat all your enemies and win battles. Please join us to find out more about Stick Warfare below!

About Stick Warfare: Blood Strike

The game is about a war between Stickman in the shapes of the human. Stick Warfare is available on the mobile store for free. Besides, this game doesn’t have any story but an endless battle between the characters. With fast-paced battles and unique weapons, it promises to bring gamers more and a more exciting experience.

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike MOD

The gameplay

Stick Warfare offers an action fighting gameplay with lots of interesting tactics. Specifically, you will control a Stick man character or a mutant to participate in combat with many other enemies. Players will learn how to use a variety of special weapons to take down enemies. The game also provides you with many exciting game modes where players will need to achieve different goals to win. Besides, gamers can also use some unique skills to increase combat ability. After winning the game, you can get valuable rewards then use them to buy weapons and many other useful things.

The key features

Easy control

Stick Warfare is an action game but does not require much concentration from players. You only need to participate in a few simple moves and other mechanics. Also, the game needs to follow some special tactics to increase combat effectiveness. Stick Warfare will definitely suit everyone by the simple operations it provides.

Special characters

At this point, Stick Warfare has diverse interesting characters that players can explore and use such as The Gunslinger, The Rifleman, The Shotgunner, Assault Recon, or The Demolition. Also, each character will have a special ability by using a weapon, a resistance ability, or some other ability to use a weapon. You can also change the appearance of the character to avoid boredom by decorating them with hats or backpacks.

Unique Weapons

The game has more than 188 unique weapons inspired by real weapons. Each of them will bring different abilities and attack power that players need to research to grasp. Moreover, gamers can combine various weapons to increase the power and the chance of winning.

Interesting skills

Furthermore, Stick Warfare offers more than 40 unique skills for the characters. You can improve them by upgrading survivability, defense, dodging, and reducing damage.

Diverse game modes

Although Stick Warfare is a simple game, it also offers many attractive game modes such as Bodycount, Gun Game, Onslaught, Zombie Invasion, and more. Each mode will bring a different challenge, requiring players to perform to win. But almost all modes need you to focus on fighting.


Stick Warfare brings global leaderboards open to all players. You can challenge yourself with more tasks to get the highest score. Gradually, you will climb the rankings to show your ability and earn fame.

Stick Warfare: Blood Strike MOD APK

The game’s design

Stick Warfare has 2D graphics with very simple characters and images. It’s not built to look good, but rather for fast-paced gameplay. Also, the design makes it suitable for most mobile devices today. Besides, the music is extremely vibrant with authentic gunfire and battle sounds.


Overall, Stick Warfare is a fun game suitable for everyone. Its features are also very diverse so you can play without getting bored. If you want to download Stick Warfare MOD, we provide it for free at the link below. Have fun!

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