Subway Surfers MOD APK V2.26.1 [Unlimited Coins/Keys/Unlock]


A few years ago, Subway Surfers appeared widely on mobile devices. After that, it made a gaming trend and was loved by many people. Although the gameplay is very simple, it is always updated with new content every month that makes players more and more excited. Besides, the graphics are quite eye-catching, making you seem to be caught up in the game at any time. Please join us to find out all the interesting information about the game right below!

About the game Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an endless running game produced by Kiloo and SYBO Games. It belongs to the Arcade game genre like Minecraft MOD. In the game, players will play the role of a naughty boy, who paints on the train. After being detected, he was chased by a guardsman. You have to control him to run around the rails to get rid of the inspector and his dog.

What is Subway Surfers?

During the game, your character needs to overcome obstacles, collect coins scattered on the road. Besides, other supporting items are also on the track to help you achieve a higher score.

The game rules

In the game, your target is to collect coins and special items. Playing characters will likely encounter many obstacles and need to overcome them by:

  • Jump up (swipe up)
  • Slide (swipe down)
  • Move to the other 2 rails (swipe left or right)

The game will end when the character stumbles 2 times in a row, is caught by an inspector, or crushes into obstacles.

The help

Subway Surfers allows players to use various supporting items, such as:

  • Magnets: This item can suck coins around players for 10 seconds, or 30 seconds when you upgrade it in the store.
  • Jetpack: fly high and collect coins in the sky with a maximum time of 10 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds when upgrading.
  • Double points: this item will help players double the score in 10 seconds and up to 30 seconds after upgrading.
  • High boots: help the character jump 2 times higher than normal in 10 seconds and up to 30 seconds after upgrading.
  • Skateboard: helps protect characters from tripping, hitting obstacles or getting caught in 30 seconds. Also, you do not need to upgrade.

supporting Skateboard

Characters and skateboards

In Subway Surfers, Jake is the default character, who appears in the game icons. Characters, except for Dino, must be unlocked with coins. Besides, you can collect components or buy them in the store. Also, the inspector and his dog can be replaced by other versions such as Santa Claus and Frankenstein.

  • For Tricky, you need to get 3 of her hats in the mysterious box to unlock her.
  • For Fresh, you have to get 50 of his radio stations in a mysterious box.
  • Hoverboard is the default skateboard, which you do not need to pay to unlock.

Besides, the version of the game is also updated continuously every month with different cities and countries. New characters and new skis will bring the characteristics of that country or city.

How to play and some functional buttons

How to play

Like many other simple adventure game genres, players just need to run without much difficulty controlling the character. In which, gamers can simply swipe left and right to move to the sides; swipe up to jump and swipe down to roll or go through obstacles; double-tap the screen to use the skateboard.

How to play the game

Some function buttons

In Subway Surfers, there will be some basic function buttons as follows:

The Missions button is located in the top left corner of the screen. It is the task you need to complete. In which, each mission will have its own goals. Also, the number of rewards is displayed when you press the button.

Besides, Daily Challenge is a daily task with a time limit of 24 hours. Once you have completed the quest, you need to wait for the timer to return to 00 to be able to continue playing this type of quest.

The hoverboard is a skateboard that helps protect you from collision within 30 seconds. During the run, players can double-tap the screen to activate the skateboard.

Weekly Hunt will have changes in each updated version. In which, gamers can complete this type of task during the day or week to win a key, mystical box or skateboard.

In addition, they can click on the icon marked the number of 6 to receive daily rewards or buy items with a discount.

The Friends button allows you to join surfboard clubs and compete with friends or other players.

Besides, you can access up to 3 main items, including skateboards, characters and prizes. At the character button, players can buy more characters, clothes… The Skateboard button will add new skis for the character. Also, you can get rewarded when you press the Award button.

In the store section, you can buy and choose equipment to support the character, buy more or earn gold for free by following the request.

Useful items

In Subway Surfers, gamers can approach and use a large number of supporting items. By understanding and using these items correctly, you will quickly achieve high scores. Those items are:


Skateboards will help you move faster, can fly in the air for about 30 seconds without any crash. Also, it helps you avoid more obstacles when flying in the air.

After 30 seconds, the board explodes. You can continue to load the Hoverboard so it does not explode and continue to use. The price of each Hoverboard is 300 coins. To use it, players can double-tap the screen. Gamers can use it 2 consecutive times.


This item is very useful in Subway Surfers. When you activate it, your character will have 2 jet devices, which will help the character fly, avoid dangers and accelerate. When using Jetpack, players can also collect gold and other valuable items.

Useful items in Subway Surfers

Moreover, oi you combine with rockets and magnets, you will be more effective in the process of collecting money in the air. This is a free item but very effective in support character in the game.

Super Sneakers

These shoes will help gamers increase the height and distance of each step. It will be very useful in the early stages of the run. At the following level when you use it and the speed is faster, it will put you in danger it if you are not quick enough. Also, the bottom of the shoes has a suction device. When you jump on the lane with the coin, it will suck coins for you.

Coin Magnet

These magnets will help you collect all the gold in the lane. So you should use Coin Magnet as soon as you can to accumulate more rewards.

Mega Headstart

This is an upgraded version from Headstart. Gamers can collect it from mysterious boxes or can buy in the store for 2000 coins. This item can help you skip a long distance while escaping from the guardsman.

Skip Mission 2

Skip Mission 2 also works to help you skip a long way. When combining this item and mega headstart, the distance between you and the guard will be twice as long. Also, there are many other items for you to use.

Summary of the tips for gamers to get high scores

To achieve high scores in Subway Surfers, players also need some tips to play. Let’s find out something useful below:

Please ‘Save me’ if there is a key

When the inspector catches you, you should quickly press the “Save me” button. You will save the time you were captured and can continue playing without having to replay from the beginning of the game.

Swipe down to land faster when jumping

When you accelerate, jump back and forth between carriages or change lanes, you may encounter obstacles. At this point, you should swipe down while in the air to land quickly. This can help you regain control of the character quickly.

Tips to get high scores

Besides, when you are in the air, the control of the character is also more difficult. It results in the difficulty to handle unexpected situations. So, gamers should pay close attention when flying in the air.

Do not miss rockets and magnets

Make the most of what can support you on the run. Items that appear like: rockets, magnets, high boots … will be very helpful for you.

Collect as many stars as possible

Many stars will help you increase the score, up to a maximum of 30 times the number of points. That will greatly affect your achievement in the rankings.

Constantly running on the roof of the train

You will encounter many dangerous obstacles under the train. So, you should go to the roof to limit those dangers. But you should be careful to choose the jumping power.

Jump as much as possible

During the chase, if you keep running at normal speed, the risk of being caught is very high. Therefore, you should try to jump or fly long distances to keep a safe distance.

Jump as much as possible

While jumping, you can still get the coins so you don’t need to worry.

Buy green energy and blue stars

When you have many points, do not forget to visit the store and buy some items to increase efficiency. In which, games should buy a blue star or green energy to earn x35 times reward.

Buy a super skateboard

When you have enough coins, you should buy a super skateboard right away. It will help you both speed up and escape death in some situations.


That is the specific information about the game Subway Surfers that we would like to recommend to you. Please study carefully to be able to make the most of the gifts in this game. Besides, we will bring you a modified version of the game named Subway Surfers MOD APK. It will unlock many advanced features. Readers can download and install the game for free at the link below!

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