Supercell Games

If you are a mobile game lover, you will surely know the developer Supercell from the Netherlands. It was founded in 2010 and has achieved a lot of success with its mobile games since launching in 2011. Right now, we’ll go through their games together so you can quickly learn more about these fun games.

Supercell’s mobile games

Supercell games

Hay Day

Hay Day is known as a top free farm game on mobile. This was a huge grossing product of Supercell. So far, it has been still one of the most attractive games on mobile. In the game, you will play as a farmer, have to do many jobs on a farm. Specifically, you need to take care of animals, grow crops, and produce to get many good products. Thereby, you can sell them and get cash along with experience points. Besides, players will reach higher levels to unlock more buildings, pets and other crops. Also, Hay Day will allow you to continue to expand the farm size by buying more lands, upgrading buildings and decorating the farm freely.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy game set in a fantasy universe. In which, there are many characters, magical powers and unique constructions. In the world of Clash of Clans, wars will constantly break out between players. This forces them to build an army of soldiers, heroes, and buildings. By collecting and producing different types of resources, gamers can expand the army’s power. In Clash of Clans, there is no strongest type of troops, they will counter each other. Therefore, players will need to try their best to set a good strategy to win. This game has a lot of extravagance in features and many mechanics that players need to study more to be able to play well.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach is the next great game from SuperCell. If Clash of Clans is a land war, Boom Beach will be a naval battle. It brings in more realistic elements with technology, ships and guns. Basically, Boom Beach retains the gameplay of a traditional strategy game. Players will have to collect resources, build armies and fight many other enemies. Besides, they can join many clans to trade and have even more exciting matches.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a real-time strategy game of Supercell. It combines many different elements of strategy games such as card, defence and online arena. Clash Royale takes a lot of the exciting characters that were found in Clash of Clans and brings them into another exciting battle. In the game, players will have to fight the opponent by using the cards of generals and soldiers. Also, they have to use Elixir points to get minion cards and release them into the arena. Troops will automatically attack and fight to destroy enemy towers. Besides, you can upgrade your troops by collecting more cards. Moreover, players can join clans to fight together in clan wars or world tournaments.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is the first action game from the developer Supercell. It offers 3rd person gunfights in online multiplayer arenas. In the game, players will control one of the dozens of heroes. You have to form a team to fight another one. Brawl Stars matches are diverse with many modes, in which you have to follow and complete different goals. The gameplay of Brawl Stars relies heavily on individual skill and teamwork. It also greatly reduces the winning elements that focus on upgrading characters. However, you can still upgrade the character to create advantages in combat.

Clash Quest

Clash Quest is quite an interesting turn-based combat game that Supercell has never exploited this idea before. The game is based on the Clash universe with heroes in the original version. Here, players will learn how to match heroes to form an attack wave. The mechanics work like the Match-3 games you’ve probably played before. Besides, the more heroes you pair together, the greater your attack power will be. Of course, you can also collect more new heroes and upgrade them to get more power. The challenge of Clash Quest is set through each level where the player has to fight with many soldiers and bosses. If you win, you will get the reward and can unlock it for the next level.

Clash Mini

Clash Mini continues to be an attractive strategy game that Supercell brings to players. The game consists of quick battles in small and special arenas. You will be able to take advantage of the arena and the heroes’ abilities to win. Besides, players can also collect and upgrade heroes from the clash universe. However, this time those heroes have been remade a bit in a very cute mini style. Surely Clash Mini will be the most unique game.

Clash Heroes

Clash Heroes is the first adventure game from the developer Supercell. It is a sequel to the success of Clash of Clans but in a role-playing style. Players will take the role of good heroes to explore many lands and fight evil creatures. In Clash Heroes, the skills will be shaped from the available heroes and developed to a more beautiful and impressive new level. All you need to do is collect your favourite heroes and participate in stages to explore the lands in the Clash universe.


Everdale is a farm game from Supercell following the success of Hay Day. The first thing that players can see about it is that it will be a game for the future. Supercell probably envisioned Everdale as a game 10 years later like Hay Day when its first release. The game will continue to revolve around building a village in a quiet valley. In the village, everyone will be under your direction to work together to develop. By gathering resources, producing products, and building structures, gamers can make things more and more beautiful.


These Supercell games are all attractive. They have achieved a lot of attention from the gaming community. In this article, we provide you with a basic introduction to their games. Surely, there will be many more interesting games to be released soon. Readers can follow their interesting information here. Thank you!