SuperRetro16 MOD APK V2.1.3 [Pro]

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  • Version: 2.1.3
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  • Update: December 2, 2021 at 01:26
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SuperRetro16 is an old emulator of SNES for mobile games. This app can help you comfortably play old games of the Super Nintendo system Easily. Besides, it also has a simple operation and supports most of today’s mobile phone configurations. If you want to enjoy thousands of other great games, do not miss this interesting mobile application. Please join us to learn more about SuperRetro16 in the article below!

About SuperRetro16 (SNES Emulator)

This app is developed by Neutron Emulation, a creative developer of many interesting emulators for mobile phones. They wanted to revive the great era of 16-bit console games by creating SuperRetro16 for mobile phones. The app will help everyone to be able to play most of today’s SNES games. Also, it has many interesting features, allowing players to experience games unlimitedly on their phones.

SuperRetro 16 Pro APK

Salient features

Simple application

SuperRetro16 will allow users to work comfortably with a simple interface. Anyone can use it without any special knowledge. After accessing the app, it will automatically scan for the available games on your device. Right away, you can press start to enjoy the great game inside. If you want to purchase, you will need to have an account and be able to log in with a Google account.

Cloud sync and streaming

If you want to play games on a larger screen, SuperRetro16 supports you to stream images on Chromecast or Android TV. At this point, you can enjoy the images more vividly. Moreover, the app also provides you with synchronization features on cloud data. This feature will be extremely helpful for those who want to play their games anytime, anywhere with any device.

Controller support

Besides, SuperRetro16 allows players to adjust advanced layouts for the control of games. Specifically, you can change the size of the button so that they fit better with your finger or the screen. Also, the app has great support for Bluetooth controllers or even support a mouse for selected games.

Many cheat codes

In any game, cheating code is an interesting part. It helps players speed up the game and pass difficult levels more easily. Here, SuperRetro16 will support players by using thousands of different cheat codes for SNES games. Players can feel free to experience unlocked features in their favorite games.

Upgrade and improve the game’s graphics

SNES games are mostly old and have low graphics, which are no longer attractive. At this point, SuperRetro16 will support the graphical upgrade of games with modern improvements. Specifically, it uses CRT Simulator, High Quality 2x/3x and Gamma visual effects to greatly improve the visuals.

Tutorials or skip tutorials

SuperRetro16 will integrate complete instructions for your games. This will save you a lot of time to explore or learn about some of the complex areas in the game. If you want to boost your game, you can skip instructions. There is also a Turbo mode for the game to transition faster.

Compatible with many ROMs

Emulating SNES games on Android phones is difficult and complicated. These are two different platforms, so the compatibility between SNES games on Android cannot be 100%. However, SuperRetro16 also greatly supports this, making the compatibility rate of games much higher.

What’s more in SuperRetro16 PRO/Purchase?

SuperRetro16 Purchase requires users to pay $ 3.99 to upgrade. It will further support the user with many interesting features, including:

  • Infinite coins
  • Fancy controller skins
  • Unlimited cheat codes
  • Fast, friendly customer support
  • And more…

SuperRetro 16 Pro APK MOD

How to download SuperRetro16 PRO for Android

If you are not ready to upgrade SuperRetro16 to a Pro version, we have a great solution for you by downloading the modified APK file at the end of this article. After that, you can get the full features of the premium version.


SuperRetro16 is an advanced app that allows gamers to have fun with many SNES games. Players will have easy access to this application with diverse features and personalized settings. Readers can download it at the link below. Don’t forget to share this app if you find it useful. Thanks and have fun!

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