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Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD is a great action game with the same idea as another product Among Us that once caused a worldwide fever. It will turn you into a talented detective who is invited to a mysterious mansion to investigate a murder case. However, among those visitors, there will also be the real killer. Suspects is sure to be an engaging investigation game that you should not miss.

Suspects: Evil needs to be revealed

Curious gameplay

At the beginning of the game, players will be invited to a big mansion with 9 other ones. They will notice a series of small quests throughout the house. You’ll be trying to complete them to find the killer’s clue. However, the quests won’t be too real to connect with the killer on the run. The killer will find a way to kill the detectives. Thereby, the events that will take place in the game will be connected by all players.

Suspects Mystery Mansion MOD

When gamers find a dead body, they will immediately ring the bell to report and the killer can also do it to distract the investigation. After reporting, all players will appear in the center of the mansion and start the discussion. Everyone has the right to express their point of view. You will have 90 seconds to vote on who is the most suspicious to throw him out of the window. The game will end when players find the real killer or the killer finishes killing everyone.

Everyone is suspicious

Starting the game, you will know your identity as a detective, a murderer or a visitor. Players won’t have to be too surprised because you will immediately see what you need to do, how to control, and more. You just need to touch the screen to move and touch many other things to perform related actions.

In Suspects, gamers shouldn’t trust anyone else. Even if you play with people you know, they can trick you into having fun in this game. People will also be able to chat or talk to defend themselves. So, you should only believe the evidence and not listen to anyone’s words.

What will the killer do?

Everyone knows the mission of detectives but only a few people know that the killer is also active. He will try to make a cover like a detective and try to pretend to be on duty. However, he will destroy the clues causing all the detectives to constantly work and repair the damage. Besides, the killer will also have the ability to assassinate detectives. In addition, the murder will be equipped with some ability to get into tunnels and much more.

What should we do if we died in Suspects?

If you are a guest or detective is killed while playing, you will turn into a ghost. At this point, you will know who the killer is, but you won’t be able to notify anyone. You can freely move through everything very fast, but you will only be allowed to quietly follow all players through the screen only.

The difference between Suspects and Among US

Compared to its predecessor Among Us, the biggest difference in Suspects is the killing method of the killer. While Among US uses monstrous ways of killing mysterious creatures in outer space, Suspects uses realistic assassination methods and a little more humor. The killer will have hundreds of ways to defeat other members such as using knives, using electricity, guns, poisons, etc.

Suspects Mystery Mansion MOD APK

Interesting pictures and sounds

The game Suspects brings freshness in its design compared to other similar games. Specifically, the characters are inspired by different animals such as lions, crocodiles, mice, birds, etc. They will be somewhat adorable and easily distinguishable during the game. It is different from Among Us when it features the masked astronauts. Besides, the context also takes place in a meticulously designed mansion with a few dark colors, making the game more thrilling. Moreover, the sound is also a bit creepy as it is just wordless music with discrete notes and very sensational warning bells.

Download Suspects MOD APK for Android

Suspects is considered interesting and relatively similar to Among US. It is fresh and has many great features that overcome the disadvantages of games of the same genre. Readers can download the game for free at the link below. If you have any questions about it, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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