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The cat Tom is not a strange character on movies and games. It is a smart and cute cat that can parody the human voice. This is a very special virtual cat because it brings a lot of laughter and helps players have relaxing moments. Thanks to that, the game about the tomcat is more and more popular. In which, Talking Tom Gold Run is such an interesting product. So far, it has had a lot of downloads on smartphones or tablet devices. The game recreates the adventure of Tom and Angela as they have to chase the bandit, overcome difficult challenges to recover the stolen gold and build their dream home. Please join us to learn about this interesting game right now!

What is Talking Tom Gold Run?

Talking Tom Gold Run is a famous game from the developer Game Outfit 7. The game is based on the popular game “Run and Run”. It looks like other games of the same genre, such as Temple Run and Zombie Tsunami. We no longer see the lazy Tomcat and parody human language. Instead, Outfit 7 has turned cat Tom into a true marathon runner.

Talking Tom Gold Run is a fascinating running game

In the game, Tom and Angela have to chase thieves and get back their gold coins. On the endless running route, Tom and Angela will explore beautiful new lands, collect items, gold and diamonds to build his dream home.

Besides, the game also has a fascinating system to race against other players. Players will join the race with 2 other random players to increase the competitive characteristics. Moreover, you can invite your friends to play for more fun.

How does Talking Tom Gold Run attract players?

Talking Tom Gold Run has the nature of “endless running”, meaning starting the game with the Talking Tom cat chasing a thief weasel. During the run, the weasel will drop the gold bars. At this point, Tom’s mission will be to collect them to upgrade his wonderful house. The more Tom runs, the more experience and gold you can collect.

Besides, the track will change and increase obstacles continuously, so players will have to cleverly identify them. Also, you can use appropriate skills, such as moving back and forth, jumping, ending, etc. Moreover, you can combine with other skills for more effective, such as flying an airplane, sliding a railroad car, etc.

In this game, Tom’s companion is a beautiful cat named Angela. They will embark on a non-stop running journey with countless challenges along the way. Initially, players will start to choose the character. At this point, you can choose mischievous Tom or Angela and some other characters of OutFit 7.

More surprisingly, on special occasions like Halloween, New Year or Christmas, Talking Tom Gold Run provides you with more big events and rewards. We will explore the Wonderland of Winter Wonderland. In which, there will be many high-end and special gifts to equip Tom as costumes and many other items.

Talking Tom Gold Run has many interesting features

The main features of Talking Tom Gold Run

  • Gamers will have to chase the thief to collect items for building a dream home.
  • Also, gamers will meet familiar characters in the games Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, Talking Hank and Talking Ben. Also, you can incarnate in one of those characters to start your adventure. More specifically, new characters like Hyper Tom and Cyber ​​Angela are also ready for you to use.
  • To increase competitiveness and have more fun, players can connect with your friends through Facebook. At this point, you can completely score with friends by sharing on personal sites like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Moreover, the game is free. However, you may have to purchase additional items in the game store.
  • Gamers can experience and explore new worlds with many different running styles. After finishing each mission, you not only can receive a lot of gold but can also get many treasure chests. In which, there are many valuable items. Besides, for bigger tasks, you have a medal for your cat Tom.
  • Talking Tom Gold Run has sharp 3D graphics, clear image quality, funny and lovely characters. In the game, players are free to explore and adventure to new lands.

How to play Talking Tom Gold Run

First, players slide the finger on the screen to control the cat Tom according to the following basic operations

  • When you want to turn the direction: Swipe left or right.
  • When you want to jump up, you can swipe up. Also, if you meet the bar on the road, you can swipe down to avoid it.

On the way to chase the evil bandit, Tomcat can also get more other items, such as a helicopter to fly in the air to “collect” gold, magnets attract gold towards him or double the amount of gold collected… Especially, the cat will receive a precious helmet, which helps him avoid the “shock” when accidentally bumping into obstacles.

Tom Gold Run has a simple and fun gameplay  

During the game, players should stay concentrated because gold is arranged in many directions. Sometimes, they are in dangerous places, requiring quick wit and skillful handling. When you finish 1 round, you will invest in building a house based on the collected items and start the next round with a harder level.

Note: The first race will be on the highway. In which, there will be countless dangerous cars, trucks, containers… They are all threatening your life. Also, you control very precisely, left to right quickly to change lanes continuously.

Besides, the power-up items appear on the road to help players easier with quests. So, not only do we keep our lives safe, but we need to move to collect the most power-ups and gold coins.

Tips when playing Talking Tom Gold Run

  • When entering the different lanes, you swipe to the left and right to move and avoid the obstacles. Besides, you can click on the screen to make Tom jump. Although Tom cannot make a double jump, he can move to both sides while in the air.
  • Gold is the most important thing you have to collect. On the runway, there will be other items, as well as difficult obstacles. But the main task is to overcome all difficulties and challenges to collect as much gold as possible.
  • Helmets and magnets are useful items. In which, the helmet helps players withstand bumps and double the amount of gold earned. Magnets help absorb all the gold on the way.
  • Gold in Talking Tom Gold Run is used for a few different purposes but it is mainly to upgrade your home to be more decorated and comfortable.
  • Also, players can use gold to buy more airplane power, and a lot of the materials to upgrade Tom and his friends.
  • If you want to upgrade a character, you also have to take a long time to play. We recommend that you choose one of your favorite characters, and focus on developing it. The higher the character level, the easier it is to control to overcome the challenges.

Useful tips and questions when playing Talking Tom Gold Run

The common questions about the game Talking Tom Gold Run

What are the requirements for a phone to play Talking Tom Gold Run?

According to the developer, this game will work well on your Android tablet phone device running Android 4.1 and above. However, low-end Android can be installed but it will be jerky or flickering during the game.

How do I buy costumes in this game?

You need to earn and accumulate a lot of gold and diamonds during the run to be able to buy costumes in this game.

Can I play the game offline?

Yes, you can. This is an offline game so you do not need an internet connection. However, if you play online games, you can connect many friends to play with or share the gold earned on social networking sites.


If you are looking for a light entertainment game and suitable for all ages, Talking Tom Gold Run is a great choice. With simple and dramatic gameplay, Talking Tom Gold Run takes you to challenging and equally interesting races. Besides, gamers will attract players the most due to diverse conquest and different new records. While the running game still attracts a large number of players for a long time, Tom and Angela will make the journey much more interesting. It will bring relaxing moments after studying and stressful working hours. Readers can download Talking Tom Gold Run MOD at the link below!

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