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Teamfight Tactics Mobile is the latest game in a series of blockbuster titles from the developer Riot Games in 2020. Recently, Riot Games has officially launched Teamfight Tactics Mobile on the Android and IOS app stores. Players can find out more information about this game and see the following instructions to download and log into it in this article.

About Teamfight Tactics Mobile

Teamfight Tactics Mobile is a popular game that is loved by the followers of the League of Legends world. In February 2020, Riot Games unexpectedly released the Closed Beta version of Teamfight Tactics. This is a PvP strategy game that has the same gameplay as chess games and tactical arrangements. This game is the first mobile game for League of Legends from the game maker Rito Games.

Currently, the game has just been released for testing at some servers under Riot Games’ management. Players have to wait for the game to release a free trial to experience it officially.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile is the ultimate strategy game on mobile

So far, the game has received over 5 million downloads and nearly 2 thousand comments on Google Play. The game already had a large number of followers in the original PC version. Therefore, when Riot Games launched a mobile version of this game, it immediately received huge attention from users around the world.

Also, it has been rated well for quality in mobile stores. According to experts, this will be the hottest mobile version of the game in 2020.

The game requires a lot of luck for the player to hit the necessary generals to victory. With Teamfight Tactics Mobile, all the matches are going in different ways so the game always makes players feel challenged and interested in it.

Learn more about Teamfight Tactics Mobile

Teamfight Tactics Mobile has interesting features that a lot of people might be very interested in before deciding to try it. You can explore some of the information we provide below to learn more about it.

Riot’s purpose when creating Teamfight Tactics Mobile

First, it must be affirmed that Riot created the game for giving players more opportunities to have better access to it. In this version, gamers will have the opportunity to experience the game without having to sit in front of the computer. With just a good enough smartphone, you can enjoy the game easily.

Simply, the game is a different version of Teamfight Tactics on PC. But it still includes most of the common elements, such as the character system, patch, or map. These two versions are different from each other in terms of the interface and graphics because they are compatible with different devices.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile has many interesting things

The difference between Teamfight Tactics Mobile and the PC version

First, in terms of the graphical interface between Teamfight Tactics Mobile and the PC version, the difference comes from the “shopping” round of the game. Compared to the PC version, the mobile version has much narrower space. The second is the heroes selecting. Specifically, when the player opens the board in the game, the money box will also show a command button to refresh the hero store. But the avatars of the generals on the Mobile version seem to be simplified to make them simpler than the original on the PC version.

Third, in Teamfight Tactics Mobile, instead of displaying items in the lower corner of the ring in the equipment box as the original version, it uses a separate interface frame to display the items. It seems that this arrangement on the mobile version helps players grasp the information more clearly than on the computer. Skill and champion stats are displayed fully.

In general, this game has the basic graphics platform but still kept almost features as the PC version. Besides, the skill effects parameters, model generals are displayed relatively complete.

Other differences between Teamfight Tactics Mobile and the PC version

  • In the mobile version, the champion version will automatically appear after starting a new turn. The experience point will be on the left and buying and changing champions on the right.
  • Also, Teamfight Tactics Mobile changes the avatars of generals.
  • In the mobile version, players cannot chat or scan the opponent’s home.
  • In the “shopping” round, the appearance of the generals is quite messy.

The key features of Teamfight Tactics Mobile

In the game, users have a diverse favorite heroes collection. It designed by a multi-platform manufacturer that allows players to deploy LoL’s champion army to play with friends or play separately in each situation. During the game, you can choose an army of generals in a survival battle with different tribes. These clans will be changed according to the different seasons to bring new attraction and tactical ability to the matches.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile has many great features

Teamfight Tactics Mobile has a multi-platform feature, which you can play with the computer version. Players can play seamlessly on both platforms on different devices. Also, the game has many features based on the free or paid that allow players to unlock content while playing the game. Please see the key features of the game below:

  • Free reward unlocking feature.
  • Explosive features based on the themes.
  • Instruction for new players.
  • The Crossplay feature in Teamfight Tactics Mobile allows players from different platforms to experience multiplayer games.
  • Allows players to set an avatar for individual players.
  • Ranking mode.
  • Skins by topics.
  • Players can express their own personal style by using the emojis.

How to play

Like the original PC version, you cannot directly participate in battles in Teamfight Tactics Mobile. The process is completely automatic. Instead, players can only control by deploying their troops and careful planning for these heroes’ positions.

Besides, the game basically retains the familiar gameplay as on the PC version. In which, players will select the chess pieces (generals in League of Legends) to fight automatically and independently with other opponents. Also, the summoned beast that represents each player receives damage. If their blood runs out, they will be removed from the game.

During the match, everything will be completely free after you have gone through a mandatory guide earlier. Teamfight Tactics Mobile allows basic attacks as the original version on PC. The matches take place automatically and independently of each other.

Review Teamfight Tactics Mobile

It can be affirmed that the game possesses optimal strengths compares to other games in the market. Whether compared to the game mode or auto-independent games, Teamfight Tactics Mobile still stands out. It is always the first choice of download priority.

Besides, Teamfight Tactics Mobile completely inherits the foundation of League of Legends – a game that has a strong position in the market with a large number of fans. About the difference, the game is mainly different in the interface, which is compatible with the phone.

Also, the game has only been released for testing in some server clusters under Riot Games. However, if you are a fan of this game, you should not ignore the way to download and install it in the following section.

Instructions on how to download and install Teamfight Tactics Mobile

The device requirements

This game requires an Android operating system. In which, users need to have Android 7.0 or higher, 1.5GB RAM, 64-bit Chipset, ABI am64-v8a or x86-64, OpenGL ES version 3.0

How to download and install on Android

To install Teamfight Tactics from Google Play, users need to change their IP address to the US to download it. At this point, you can use the VPN app on Google Play, select Location USA. Then, you and the search section on CH Play by typing the name Teamfight Tactics. Besides, we also share a good way for you to download the game with the APK file for free. It is Teamfight Tactics Mobile APK with the link at the end of this article.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile is a free game for everyone

To install the game you can refer to the steps below:

  • After finishing the APK download, you just open the folder containing the APK file and click on it to install.
  • After that, you need to select “Install” to proceed with the automatic installation. If your device may ask for installation from an unknown source, please agree with that and activate the option for Teamfight Tactics.
  • Finally, reinstall and complete everything.


Overall, Teamfight Tactics Mobile is a well-invested strategy game. It includes many interesting features, great tactics and beautiful graphics. We have just shared you with all the necessary information about the game. We hope you will have a fun gaming experience. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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