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Tempo is a cool video editing and presentation app for Android phones. It offers full engaging themes, which have been created and compiled from a variety of sources. The app allows users to easily create videos with music, images, templates and lots of magical effects. Besides, Tempo is very suitable for inspiring creativity for your attractive videos. Please join us to find out more about this great video editing application in this article!

Introduction of Tempo – Face Swap Video Editor

What is Tempo?

Tempo is a unique video editing application for mobile devices, which is under the development of Tempo trend video editor with effects & music. Ltd. The app has attracted many users for its great features. Besides, Tempo has the combined content of many modern technologies and the efforts of many creators with available materials. You can simply use those materials to develop your content or join as a contributor.

Tempo mod

Simple video editing

If you are an inexperienced user of video editing, Tempo is an extremely suitable app for you. Specifically, you just need to choose your favorite template and follow some instructions to get the editing done quickly. Users should prepare as many photos as possible to meet the requirements of each model of the app.

Faceless swap with AI technology

Furthermore, Tempo has brought modern AI technology, helping users swap their faces with other characters in the available video. Basically, the app will scan the close photos to recognize your face’s features. Then it will quickly stitch your face into the video without any adjustment from you. At this point, users will become the character in the video and the viewers will immediately recognize you with the impressive and beautiful scenes.

Cool music for your videos

Tempo also has a variety of attractive background music. So you will always find your suitable songs for a variety of content. Besides, trending music is constantly updated by Tempo on the app’s trending and theme tabs.

Export, store, and share high-quality videos.

Tempo supports exporting high-quality video for all devices and can get higher quality with the Pro version or MOD version. Video output speed will depend on the length and the resolution of the video. However, Tempo will optimize the video output speed so you can save as much time as possible. After exporting the video, users can quickly save and share to make your video available to all users.

Tempo mod apk

What’s special about Tempo Pro?

In addition to the features of the free version, Tempo Pro will give users more advanced features to make your video editing better, including:

  • No advertising.
  • No Watermark.
  • Unlock all templates.
  • Output 1080p video.

Furthermore, the price to get the Pro version is also relatively reasonable when you only pay $ 0.4 per week or $61 for a year. If you are not ready to pay, you can learn more about Tempo MOD APK below.

Is Tempo MOD APK good to use?

Tempo MOD APK is a modified version of the original version of the application. It unlocks all the features of the Pro version as I just mentioned above and it is also optimized with some features to help it run more smoothly on Android devices. Moreover, Tempo MOD APK is free to use and very safe for your device. We have tested it thoroughly many times to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Download Tempo MOD APK for Android

Tempo is a unique application that helps everyone to create engaging videos. Our reviews above will help you understand more about it. Currently, readers can download Tempo MOD APK at the link below. Don’t forget to share if you find it interesting! Thanks and have fun!

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