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Thank you for following our site! If you have already joined our site, you have to agree to our terms and services. This will ensure your legal rights and ours while using the website.

Accept the users’ policy

When visiting our website, users have to follow all the policies on this site, including our privacy policy. You should carefully read the terms before starting to use any services. If you do not agree to these terms, please kindly not to use our website.

The terms may be changed

On our website, the terms are changeable for matching the actual situation of the internet market and the users’ needs. We recognize that these terms also need to be changed to align with the policies of many internet providers, copyrights and other issues. Also, you have to agree to our changes to continue using the site. However, we always consider carefully before changing any things to ensure the users’ rights.

The users’ rights

Using our services does not mean that you own the content on the site. You will not use such content for the purpose of buying, selling or other non-humanitarian purposes. Every time you need to use such content, you have to contact the developers of the games or applications directly. We only share content for user’s personal use.

Privacy and copyright protection

Our privacy policy will detail how we treat users’ personal data. We will protect your privacy when you use our site. By using our services, you will have to agree that 5Droid.Com may use such data in accordance with our privacy policies.

Our Disclaimer

We have specified the terms that users need to accept before starting to use the site. That will create a safe place for everyone. However, there are some things that we cannot guarantee and we have to disclaim them. Someone may use the games and applications we share for illegal purposes. At this point, we will not be responsible for any of your actions. We will only create a playground for people with the same passion. Please contact the content creator directly or request a takedown by sending the DMCA notice to the developer.

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