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Textra SMS Pro apk

Nowadays, technology is no longer a strange thing for every person in the world. Along with the release of smart devices, it always comes with new applications that make users feel excited. In which, Messaging is a necessary application but not everyone is satisfied with the default messages on their mobile devices. That is also the reason why Textra SMS was born. This is a popular messaging application on Android with many special features, which will help users replace the normal messaging tool on the phone. Please join us to check it right now!

About Textra SMS

Textra SMS is a free texting application on your phone that offers many new and unique features. Users only need to download and install it to use it without having to pay any fee. When using this app on your phone, you can experience new unique features that are not available on the default message application. Besides, it has a simple usage that you can easily send messages and master other attractive features.

The key features

Textra has a lot of great features for you to enjoy:

  • The app has over 100 important design themes, bubbles and app icon colors.
  • Also, it has automatic light and dark mode at night. There are 6 bubble types for you to choose from.
  • Textra SMS has a scheduled SMS and MMS sending mode.
  • It can be used while sending or sliding to delete messages.
  • The app has a snapshot camera, photo gallery, GIF format.
  • Besides, users can open quick and handy pop-ups.
  • It has MMS GROUP messaging, quick voice memos.
  • The application has 21 font sizes for you to choose from. Also, it provides you with the blacklist blocker, automatic video, image compression for sending and more.
  • Textra SMS can customize the bubble theme and color as you like. At this point, you can personalize signatures and notifications (icon color, Led color, sound, vibration, privacy, reminders and mute) for each contact.
  • It can receive all the more than 2000 the latest Android, Twitter, Emoji, One & iOS (Unicode 9). You just need to choose your favorite emoticon type and change it as you like.
  • Moreover, the app has a new feature that can copy each piece of text you choose inside a bubble.
  • This app now fully supports dual sim devices for Android 5.1 or higher.

Almost all Textra features are free forever. Sometimes, you will see ads. At this point, users can skip or choose to buy in-app only once to remove ads forever.

Some basic instructions for using Textra SMS

How to set the sending messages schedule on Textra SMS?

To start sending messages, users need to create a new conversation by selecting the recipient, entering the text, then clicking the plus sign and selecting the clock icon. At this time, the screen will appear a time frame that allows users to set the time and date to send text messages. You just need to schedule the time you want to send the message and press “Schedule” to complete the process.

How to add a signature to the message on Textra SMS?

You want to have a unique point for your message to others, please consider creating a signature on Textra SMS. It will make a big difference when you communicate with each other in messages.

In the upper right corner of the screen, when you open the application, you will see an ellipsis menu icon to open the context menu in Textra. At this point, you can click this button then click Settings to access the full menu.

In the settings menu of Textra, users can scroll down through the main menu until you find the “Signature” category. It allows you to download the “Signature” menu inside Textra SMS. After finishing the download, you can follow the instructions and add your own signature. This is really a great feature. Signatures don’t seem to have a character limit in Textra so it will show your personal highlight to your friends and everyone.

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The common questions when using Textra SMS

Is this app free to download and use?

Yes, it is. Textra SMS is completely free to download and use. Besides, users can completely use it after downloading without any fee.

What should we do with the app’s advertising?

Textra SMS has ads. You can wait for the ad to end. If you want it to not appear forever, you should buy its Pro package. So the ads will not appear during use.

In case was texting a message but it shut down and I could not access again, what should I do?

If you are sending a message on Textra SMS and you are logged out, the first may be due to an error from your phone, such as updating or full device’s capacity. In this case, users can delete the catches for more space, or restart the device. Secondly, it may be due to an error updating the system of the application, you can delete the app and download it again. If the error persists, please submit a request for support from the application publisher.

Textra SMS Pro apk mod

Instructions for downloading and installing Textra SMS PRO for Android

To install the game, users must first make sure your Android operating system is Android 4.1+. Besides, your home internet system is strong enough to download it. Next, the app is over 16Mb so users can clean their phones to ensure sufficient download capacity. Then, you download the Textra SMS PRO with the link at the end of this article.

How to install Textra SMS PRO MOD?

  • First, you need to navigate to the folder containing the APK file of the app or you can click on the application field when it finishes downloading.
  • Next, click on “Install” to perform the installation. However, your device may ask for installation from an unknown source. At this point, please agree to your phone’s requirements and turn on the unknown power for Textra SMS.
  • Finally, you can go back and install it again.


Above is all the information about Textra SMS for those who like to text quickly and for free without having to use the internet when going out. We hope to bring you useful information that has helped you understand more about this app. On the other hand, users have questions that have not been answered or need support when you encounter an error during the application download process, you can contact us by commenting below. Wish you have moments of relaxation, fun with friends while using in Textra SMS.

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