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The Room Old Sins is a great game, in which players can discover a place filled with challenging puzzles. They will lead you to a thrilling and engaging story. Besides, the sudden disappearance of an ambitious engineer and an elite wife made the hunt for big precious antiquity. Then, there is a trail leading to the attic, in which players will slowly discover an old and mysterious dollhouse. In the game, your mission is to explore every nook and cranny, follow the clues and solve all the puzzles. Please join us in this article to find more about The Room Old Sins right now!

How was The Room Old Sins born and developed?

This game was released in 2012. It is an exciting puzzle game from the developer Fireproof Games. The Room Old Sins received high ratings from voters and attracted a large number of players because this is indeed a very brain-damaging puzzle game. It will make you fascinated with its thrill. Besides, the story of the game is also very interesting when it tells about an engineer and his wife suddenly missing. In the game, players have to look for the remaining traces in the attic of the house, in the secret room. You should follow the clues and process the evidence to reveal the mystery.

The Room Old Sins is an attractive puzzle game on mobile phones

The Room: Old Sins was developed by using the game engine Unity. It was announced on March 6, 2017, and released on the Android on January 23, 2018. Also, they note that there is a large number of devices with a wider range of CPU speeds, Memory size and screen resolution include more active versions of that operating system and custom versions of the device. Fireproof Games revealed their approach to handling situations is to get a solid representation by choosing a baseline of minimum possibilities.

As for the room, namely the old bugs, they have limited themselves in OpenGL ES3.0. So, it is easier for them to develop the game. After that, they hired a dedicated quality assurance company to test the game. Before the Android release on April 19, the game had an open beta.

The highlights of The Room Old Sins

Like other puzzle games, The Room Old Sins is a variation of the room escape. In which, the game provides players a house. And your task is to find out the various secrets in this house by controlling the objects and solving their puzzles.

Besides, parts of these puzzles involve interacting with a unique, realistic fixture. Then, you need to use special glasses so the player can see the objects. In which, you may see hidden puzzles through the item, which can be collected and examined. In some cases, you can operate to reveal another object or prepare the item to be used in the puzzle. If the player gets stuck, the game provides a cue system. After a certain amount of time, players can request a cue. Moreover, there is no penalty.

The Room Old Sins has many attractive features

Also, players can have up to three different rooms as well as the outside of the house to solve each puzzle. With new rooms, you can enter throughout the game. Some puzzles are connecting between these rooms. Each room contains a special artifact as the ultimate “award”. Once this artifact is collected, the room is overtaken by an evil entity, making it impossible to enter.

The key features of The Room Old Sins

  • First, players can explore an incredibly complex dollhouse. Each room will bring up a code or information that opens the next door.
  • Second, players are easy to start but hard to put down, enjoying a unique mixture of engaging puzzles with a simple interface.
  • Third, you will have a very natural experience where you can almost feel the surface of each object.
  • Fourth, gamers get to check dozens of detailed objects to discover which of them contains the hidden mechanism.
  • Fifth, with a swipe of your finger on the screen, you’ll pull the levers, push the switch, and place the missing components. With an alert sound, you are successful.
  • Sixth, the graphics are so beautiful. You can almost feel the surface of each object.
  • Seventh, the sounds of the magical world, chilling music combined with vivid sound effects will haunt the players.
  • Eighth, the game supports many different languages, ​​such as English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.

Instructions on how to play the game The Room Old Sins

How to use your lenses

In this game, the good advice is to use lenses as soon as you enter a new room. It will tell you what subjects you need to focus on. Also, you should look for the book in the front room, which will help you avoid a lot of confusion about where the lens is trying to guide you.

Besides, the lenses will also help you in puzzles to enter a new area or give you the much-needed codes and clues. There are often visual clues to show up when you need to use a lens, like shimmering surfaces or glowing icons.

How to find all free spaces

The next step is to find empty spaces and memorize them. Around the outside of the dollhouse, there are missing pieces. You have to find and memorize them. Every time you solve a room, the game will give you some information to fill another space.

Besides, most of the puzzles in the room are also missing pieces, remember these. The correct shape is crucial as you explore new objects and solve other puzzles. To make the situation even more confusing, sometimes the item you that picked up may not have the shape you need.

The new object is the new puzzle

This trick applies when the item you collected is a puzzle. It will turn into the piece you need, or it is already in the correct shape. So, whenever you get a new item, be sure to poke at it and flick any moving parts until you solve it. Most objects are little puzzles and ignoring them will get you stuck and frustrated.

All puzzles are connected

If you miss the pieces to connect the puzzles, the concepts and the steps of the puzzle, you can still discover that puzzle in the other ways. The rolling table and the automatic machine were early examples of this. Specifically, the desk teaches the player that you don’t need an object to move something, and the machine asks the sound to be resolved. It is important to remember that almost all puzzles in the game are connected. You have to remember them when you move forward.

The Room Old Sins has an extremely impressive design

The design

At this point, The Room Old Sins has hard but interesting gameplay with a magical color due to its inheritance of the distinctive elements of the puzzle game series. Besides, the game includes familiar touches and swipes on the touch screen. Then, players will have to adjust the character’s perspective to check all objects, find information, clues to solve puzzles.

Besides, the game has a sharp, realistic 3D graphics background. It uses a murky dark color tone combined with mysterious sound effects.


The Room Old Sins has a special appeal because there is no element of fighting or killing throughout the game. However, the vivid visual and sound effects make it feel like being “locked up” in a closed room. Only when the puzzle is successful, you can get out of it. Although the game received many different reviews, it is hard to deny that The Room Old Sins has indeed conquered the “brain” of players around the world.

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