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The Sims Mobile is a great game, which was made to recreate the life of the Sims family. In the game, you can create your virtual world, characters, and control them to follow your demand. With over 50,000,000 downloads on Google Play, The Sims Mobile deserves to be one of the best games for mobile game enthusiasts. Please join us to find out more about the game in this article right now!

About The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is a highly entertaining and novel game. Its great attraction is the initiative of the player. Specifically, players can create a virtual world according to their preferences, as well as control the characters according to their requirements.

The Sims Mobile is an addictive mobile simulation game

With simple, creative and fashionable gameplay, the game is an interesting challenge for every player. In addition to relaxing and relieving stress at work, the game also helps players freely express personal style through each event.

The development progress of The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is a life simulation game based on the games The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay on Android and iOS. It was developed by the developer Maxis Redwood Shores (2017 – 2019) and then transferred to Firemonkeys Studios (from 2019). The game was announced in an introductory trailer on May 9, 2017. After that, it was officially released worldwide on March 6, 2018. After the release, the game received a warm welcome from players. It was nominated for “Best Video Game” at the 30th GLAAD Media Awards.

Besides, the game was released by EA Mobile, the US gaming company founded in 2004. This company has a headquarters in Los Angeles and other offices in Asia and Europe such as London, Tokyo, Honolulu, Montreal… Also, EA Mobile is a famous publisher with a series of hot games like Need for Speed, FIFA…

Advantages and disadvantages of The Sims Mobile


Referring to The Sims Mobile modern simulation game and highly educational, players are very excited because of its outstanding advantages as follows:

  • The Sims Mobile is popular because of its high convenience. The game is available on the phone so that players can play it anywhere anytime, with an Internet connection.
  • Besides, the game makes players fascinated by extremely beautiful graphics and surreal characters. Also, you can open up new lands and build houses as you like.
  • Players can participate in the game events, perform the tasks to receive special rewards.
  • Moreover, the game also has a CAS (Create A Sims) system that can be easily customized with costumes in different themes and styles. They help players easily map appropriate to the circumstances.
  • The game also launches a new mode Eco Workshop, allowing the participants to own items of old events.
  • In particular, players can interact with friends through the Party organization mode.
  • The game is always updated regularly to help refresh the game so that players have a new experience when playing.
  • Many recreational activities for players to choose from

The Sims Mobile has many interesting points


In addition to the outstanding advantages, The Sims Mobile game also has some notable disadvantages, below:

  • Players can only access and play games on online mode.
  • After many updates, the game added many new features, upgrade items that make the game heavy, and lag occurs.
  • Players on missions or events often have difficulty because the difficulty of the event is high with the short event time. It makes players difficult to complete.
  • Players need to deposit quite a lot of money for participating in activities.

How to play

Operating the game on the phone is quite simple. Specifically, players only need to weep and slide to choose the activity. The following is a presentation of how to play The Sims Mobile:

Initially, players need to design their own Sims characters by using different tools. Also, you can choose from 10 different body types, such as thin, chubby… and Sims face shape (eyes, nose, mouth…). Besides, players can select characteristics, personalities and interests of Sims.

After creating the Sims character, the game will start. In which, you will be in a neighborhood, start making friends, decorating your home, getting a job you love to keep your Sims’ key stats high.

From here, players can continue to make friends, on missions to earn money and outfits. You can match Sims characters in your favorite style. Also, players can attend events to collect items and level up. After each level up, the game will open new features and have many gifts for you.

The Sims Mobile has a simple but attractive gameplay

The common questions about The Sims Mobile

Do The Sims Mobile cost players money to download?

No, it is not. The Sims Mobile is completely free to download. During the game, you have to work hard to make and accumulate gold, costumes and promotions.

What are the Android device requirements for playing The Sims Mobile?

The game requires phones with Android 4.1+ to be able to download and play games.

When does this game open the marriage feature?

Answer: After players reach level 7 and the relationship between your two Sims at level 4, the game system will give you a “Propose” event. After completing this event, you will open the marriage feature.

What should I do if the game does not start or stop unexpectedly?

If you are playing The Sims Mobile and got out suddenly, it may be first due to an error from your phones, such as an update or a full capacity. With such errors, players can delete other data for getting more space, or restart the device. Besides, this situation may be due to an error from its system. At this point, you can delete the game and download it again. If the error persists, please submit a request to the publisher.

Instructions to download and install The Sims Mobile MOD APK for Android

The Sims Mobile MOD is not available on mobile stores. So, players can only download it with the link at the end of this article.

The Sims Mobile MOD is a free version for everyone

To install the game, you have to make sure your Android operating system is Android 4.1+ and a good enough wifi connection. Besides, the game is also about 104 MB, so players should prepare enough space to download and install it. After that, you can perform the installation according to the following steps:

  • First, users click on the downloaded APK file to the device and select “Install” to begin.
  • Second, your phone may ask for installing apps from an unknown source. At this point, you need to agree to the request and follow the steps. You can activate it for The Sims Mobile game by turning on the bar to the right side.
  • Finally, you can go back and perform the installation again.


Above is all the necessary information about The Sims Mobile for enthusiasts of highly creative entertainment games. We hope to bring you useful information for you to understand more about the game. Besides, if you are interested in the game to entertain, do not hesitate to download it to have fun and compete with friends today. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Readers can download The Sims Mobile MOD APK at the link below.

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