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Tiny Landlord is a fascinating simulation game from the publisher PlayCade Interactive for Android phones. It is quite idle, allowing players to build large and beautiful cities with many landscapes. Besides, gamers can also satisfy many people in the city and earn a lot of money, from which you will become a rich boss. Please join us to find out more about this interesting game right now!

Tiny Landlord – builds a city in idle style

Addictive gameplay

If you have ever played idle games before, it will certainly be no stranger to the gameplay of Tiny Landlord. Players will make money by building structures so that they passively make money for you. Also, you need to make the people living in your buildings happier to increase your income. In addition, you can also continue to upgrade buildings to achieve greater value. You should reinvest all the money you have earned to rapidly increase the value of the city, thereby, you will get more achievements and a more beautiful city. Surely your revenue will be bigger. Also, if you don’t have time to play continuously, you will still get money even if you quit the game.

Tiny Landlord MOD

Diverse buildings

Tiny Landlord has many attractive buildings for you to choose from. Start with building houses and then expand into factories and more. You need to unlock new plots of land to be able to build more buildings you want. In addition, the game also has hundreds of auxiliary buildings to help decorate the city.

Besides, upgrading your buildings is essential to improve the quality of your service. Your people will enjoy great things through those upgrades. After that, they can give you more and more money. Also, players can add public transport to have fun and make your city more bustling than ever.

Exciting Booster

In Tiny Landlord, the Booster system is an interesting thing that helps players accelerate development. However, you will need diamonds to be able to get benefits from them.

Income Booster: These are Boosters that help you earn more money, you can multiply up to 80 times the value of income. Of course, if you want to increase your money, you also have to spend more diamonds.

Karma Booster: These Boosters will bring value to the people, you will hire policemen, firemen or any other employees to serve the people. Thereby, players will make the villagers happy and earn more money or some random Booster. At this point, a little trick to help you get more Karma is to click on each person in the city and give them money. Then you will get some returns.

Nice graphics

Tiny Landlord has 3D graphics but it is simplified a bit to be more suitable for many mobile devices. You will be able to observe the cities from above. Also, players will see the bustling activities happening in the city with music

Tiny Landlord MOD APK

Tiny Landlord MOD APK is a great version that you should be interested in

Free shopping

Tiny Landlord brings a more engaging way to play by giving players free shopping. At this point, you can buy almost anything you like in this game. Thereby, your gameplay will change from focusing on making money to build and create more prosperous cities.

Safe and simple to download

Tiny Landlord MOD is a modified version by Android phone lovers. You won’t be able to find it at regular mobile stores. You need to download it on the internet or right here in our article. This version will be very safe. You have to install it manually.


Overall, Tiny Landlord is an attractive game for lovers of idling play style. We have just given you all the necessary information about the game. To start playing, please choose to download it below. Don’t forget to support us so that we have more motivation to find more exciting games for you. Thanks and have fun!

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