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Traffic Tour is an endless racing game for mobile phones. It takes gamers to hard challenges that help them train their driving skills and become a super driver. In the game, you can go through the busy streets without worrying about violations and accident risks. The game will help you satisfy your passion for speed and free gameplay.

About Traffic Tour

Wolves Interactive is a developer specializing in creating endless run games for mobile devices. Traffic Tour is one of their best games. Currently, it has received a lot of attention from players. Besides, Traffic Tour offers beautiful and modern car driving simulations. By participating in traffic, you can show everyone your driving skills with the highest score. Also, the game will definitely be the best free car racing game on the mobile store.

Traffic Tour MOD

The gameplay

The endless racing game is certainly not too strange for many players. You will not have to compete with any opponent but just try to drive the farthest on the street. It is not easy because of the complicated traffic. The lack of any consequences in driving also makes the player more reckless in driving situations. They will try to accelerate all the way and rush through many dangers but that is also the point that makes them not achieve high scores.

Besides, Traffic Tour is also not really an endless driving game as it also has some other types of gameplay such as a career mode that will ask you to pass a series of missions. The game will be like a driving class for players with diverse challenges. During the game, you have to collect support powers. They will help you a lot in completing tasks or escaping from dangers.

Intuitive control mechanism

Traffic Tour still has the controls of a racing game including Gas, brake, left or right turn control. You can also double-tap the phone screen to trigger the Nitro to help the car run faster. However, you should use it on wide and open roads to avoid collisions.

Traffic Tour’s control mechanism can also change depending on user settings. Specifically, you can use the steering wheel, joystick, or even tilting the phone. In which the steering wheel mechanism is the most realistic way but is the most difficult to control. However, you should try and challenge your ability.

Various racing modes

Traffic Tour includes several main game modes such as Endless, Career, Multiplayer, Free Ride, Time Trial, and other random events. Most of them are quite intuitive. You just look at their name and can guess the goal of that mode immediately. However, Multiplayer mode is online gameplay, allowing you to play with other players or friends. It has a seasonal ranking system. After each season, rewards will be given to players in the respective tiers.

Traffic Tour MOD APK

Many cars to unlock and upgrade

Surely many players will be interested in the car models in this game. Traffic Tour has more than 40 vehicles designed according to real versions of many famous cars. You can also make lots of cool upgrades with each car like speed, handling, or braking. Moreover, players can customize the appearance of the car. In addition, in Traffic Tour, players can also meet many other interesting vehicles participating in traffic such as trucks, buses, SUVs, etc.

High-quality graphics

The realistic 3D design is a strong point of Traffic Tour. Players will see many nice cars throughout the entire gameplay. You can also change different perspectives such as first, third, and driver’s perspectives to create an enjoyable driving experience. Furthermore, the game also offers 5 realistic environments including Highway, City, Desert, Rain, and snow with the day and night circle.

Download Traffic Tour MOD for Android

Above are some of our reviews about Traffic Tour. Although it is not really a perfect racing game, it will certainly bring players new experiences. Readers can download Traffic Tour MOD APK for free at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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