Truecaller MOD APK V12.12.6 [Premium]

  • App Name: Truecaller
  • MOD Features: Premium Unlocked
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 12.12.6
  • Category: Communication
  • Size: 85 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 5.1
  • Update: January 27, 2022 at 23:24
  • Get it from: Play Store


If you are bored with traditional calls, want to refresh your mobile phone conversations, find it annoying with strange calls, spam messages sent to your phone every day, Truecaller will solve everything for you. This is the best application that makes communication via phone safely and effectively thanks to the advanced technology. Please join us to see the detail of this interesting app right now.

An overview of Truecaller

Since its release in 2009, Truecaller has been receiving high reviews and trust from users around the world. This app was created to help customers control information of incoming calls in order to avoid trouble with strange spam calls or advertising messages.

Besides, Truecaller works to the best of this problem based on a spam list reflected and updated by the user community around the world. By searching, classifying and blocking unknown phone numbers, this software offers maximum user comfort. Also, the app will filter out unwanted content and help customers connect with important people. Besides, Truecaller also helps customers create a blacklist according to pre-set phone numbers.

Truecaller Gold apk

The key features of Truecaller

  • Users can easily capture information of incoming callers, especially strange phone numbers. Through Truecaller, you can identify anyone who calls you.
  • Truecaller helps you monitor, control and block calls very effectively if it detects that the call is a spam or advertising.
  • The app allows customers to search for information related to any phone number.
  • Quick utility operation: At this point, users can provide any number you need to find information about. Then, Truecaller will let you know if this number belongs to any person or organization.
  • On Truecaller, customers can talk for free with friends and family.
  • The app automatically distinguishes all anonymous messages, while blocking spam and SMS remote marketing.
  • Also, you can pre-set blocking by names and numbers that you don’t want to contact.
  • This software allows you to view names or anonymous numbers in the call history.
  • Moreover, it provides call recording capability – records important calls you want and saves them on your phone.
  • Built-in utility to delete instant messages, share location, emoticons & status instantly with friends.
  • You can back up your call history, contacts, messages, and settings to Google Drive.
  • Anyone cannot get your phone number by searching for the name or viewing the profile unless you have your permission in the application settings.

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Instructions for using Truecaller

For first-time users to access Truecaller, you will have to customize some settings to be able to use the app’s functions.

  1. Users can click on “Start” at the main interface then click OK when a message appears.
  2. You enter the phone number that you registered.
  3. Enter the confirmation code that has been sent to your phone.
  4. For convenient and easier management, you can access “Create profile” on Truecaller. There are 3 methods for you to create: Google, Facebook or create by yourself.
  5. After that, you go to settings to activate the function: “Allows drawing on other applications”. You can do that by dragging the dot to the right.
  6. Return to Truecaller, click “Next” until the bulletin board appears. Then, you click “Yes”
  7. Click “Understand” and select “Then” if there is no need to back up data on Truecaller.

After setting up custom settings in Truecaller, all messages and calls on your phone will be synchronized on the app for easy management.

Truecaller Gold apk mod

Installing the app’s features:

If you want to use the blocking feature on Truecaller, you can go to “Block” and click on the + icon. In this app, users can set up many blocking modes according to the preference, such as:

  • Country code.
  • By SMS sender name.
  • By phone series.
  • Phone number.

To use any blocking feature, users can click on the corresponding line to set up using that feature. Also, you can review blocked numbers in the “My Blocked List” section.

Besides, users can remove blocked phone numbers from the blocked list by opening the app to the Block => Manage blocked callers. Then, you need to find the phone number you want to delete in the list and touch the minus icon on the side to remove the number.

With premium features, you have to pay on the app. They are the Call recording, non-ads, incognito mode when viewing profile.

Some requirements when using Truecaller

  • Customers need a 3G or WiFi connection to use the Truecaller Caller ID feature.
  • For Android 6.0 devices, the app requires permission to access your phone.
  • The message blocking feature is not available on Android 4.4.


Truecaller is a helpful application with many advanced features and intuitive usage. You can rest assured that all unknown communications are promptly alerted. Users will not be disturbed every day by unwanted calls or texts. Using the application’s database of more than two phone numbers, Truecaller helps you find anyone’s info with just one phone number. Utilities – Simple – Easy to use – Free installation is the most objective review of this app. Readers can download Truecaller Premium at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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