Ultimate Truck Simulator MOD APK V1.1.3 [Unlimited Money]

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  • Update: November 13, 2021 at 23:01
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Ultimate Truck Simulator is a great game for Android phones. It simulates driving in a fun and realistic way. In a great way, players can experience the most advanced features in controlling cars right on their mobile phones. Please join us to learn about this interesting game through the sharing in this article and how to play it for free!

About Ultimate Truck Simulator

This is one of the quality products from the developer Sir Studios, an experienced company in developing driving simulation games. Ultimate Truck Simulator is not an exception, in which players can drive giant trucks in a vast open world. Compared to the driving simulation games that Sir Studios has released, this game is a big change in vehicles that offers a different experience for players.

Ultimate Truck Simulator MOD

The gameplay

Driving simulation games may have been no stranger to many players. However, this game genre has always attracted players even though its gameplay hasn’t changed too much. Ultimate Truck Simulator will continue to give players the true experience of driving. Specifically, you can join the instruction of controlling the cars in the game. Thereby, participants will make a journey to explore the world and solve missions. After completing the task, gamers will receive additional special rewards such as money or Gems. Continuing the journey, players can buy a new car or upgrade an old car to improve the driving experience.

The highlights

Unique cars

The first thing that many players are probably interested in in a driving simulation game is the number of cars. At this point, Ultimate Truck Simulator is a plus point. It has a lot of good vehicles such as trucks, off-road trucks, rocket cars, etc. You can play and unlock them during the game. With regular updates, the developer will add more new cars.

Realistic physics

Ultimate Truck Simulator combines driving physics and realism to create the best driving simulator on mobile. It adheres very well to realistic physics to improve the player’s driving feeling. Besides, the developer also takes great care when each car will have its physics characteristics that you need to grasp to be able to drive better.

Various vehicle customization

Ultimate Truck Simulator offers great customization for your trucks. You can change a lot of parts to bring about a change in their design. That contributes to creating your style compared to other players.

Large map

The open-world is an indispensable advantage of Ultimate Truck Simulator for players. The game will have extensive maps built in detail and extremely creative. Players can embark on a journey from bustling cities to the most desolate deserts. Even players can drive on dangerous terrain.

Exciting challenge

The game not only stops at the challenges of controlling the car, but also gives players other interesting tasks. That helps players have goals to fight for. Of course, you can also do not need to do the quest but just make the adventure as you like.

Ultimate Truck Simulator MOD APK

The design

The visual

Ultimate Truck Simulator uses the most advanced and modern graphics technology to bring gamers the best feeling. Specifically, players will enjoy the 3D environment with high-quality images. Besides, there are a lot of nice effects during gameplay such as collision effects, explosions, weather effects, day and night effects, and much more.

The sound

Ultimate Truck Simulator has a diverse sound system. First, the sound of the environment is authentic, giving a very good feeling for players. However, the sound of the cars is somewhat fainter when the engine sound does not show the power of the heavy trucks.


Ultimate Truck Simulator is one of the best driving simulation games on mobile phones. It has many interesting things in terms of gameplay, features and design. However, the game still has some points that need to be improved. Hope the developer will make it better and better. But first, you can immediately experience the Ultimate Truck Simulator MOD version for free at the link below. Having fun!

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