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Underworld Office is an interesting adventure and mystery game for Android phones. It has interactive storytelling ideas and does not follow any stereotyped script. Besides, the game also has excellent authors who work hard to write touching and horror chapters with many other fascinating features inside. Undoubtedly, Underworld Office will one of the best games that brings a unique Visual Novel experience on Android phones. Please join us to find out more about it right now!

The story

Underworld Office tells the life of a guy Eugene, who is always fascinated by the mysteries of ghosts and many other supernatural phenomena. He was once nearly killed by a monster but was saved by a strange ghost. Then, to repay that ghost, Eugene worked in an office in the underworld. There, he will continue to encounter strange and new things about the lives of ghosts.

Underworld Office MOD

The gameplay

In Underworld Office, gamers will control the rhythm of the story. Specifically, their decision will likely change the entire story in a different direction. Each selection will lead the player to a different ending. It can be a tragic ending or a happy ending. If you are not satisfied with the ending you have created, you can go back to the important twists in the story and change them easily.

Besides, Underworld Office offers a mysterious journey for the character Eugene. Players will be able to meet many interesting ghosts in the office. Each ghost’s personality will bring a special conversation that players will surely enjoy. In addition, the game also offers a series of tasks. After completing them, the game will bring the character back to normal life. It also comes with puzzle elements, in which gamers having to find lost objects or mysteries hidden behind each story.

A variety of stories for you to discover

Underworld Office brings stories in many different chapters. Each of them will have different storylines that players need to connect them. Gradually, players will feel the interesting and touching things about the ghost world with increasing levels. Through each chapter, the difficulty and emotion are pushed higher. In total, the game has 8 chapters and the last chapter will have the longest content to help players connect the whole series.

Collect many achievements

Underworld Office offers interesting things inside its story. Besides, players can collect many special items during the game to complete Eugene’s collection. At this point, the game provides you with 25 titles and 60 illustrated albums. Players should collect them all to show that you are a good grasp of the whole story inside Underworld Office.

Shaping the game

Underworld Office is a game built in a novel narrative style. It uses more than 40 short films and 150 unique illustrations that simulate the world of ghosts in detail. Also, the game does not need to build too sophisticated graphics but still shows valuable points and conquers millions of players around the world. In addition, the game’s dialogue is also displayed like the chats in the message, bringing a very familiar feeling.

Furthermore, Underworld Office’s music is also carefully invested and composed by many famous musicians. The melodies will be constantly resounding to the rhythm of the game, greatly contributing to the emotions of the player.

Underworld Office MOD APK

Download Underworld Office MOD on Android

Underworld Office is a free game for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean you can play all the chapters. Players usually won’t have enough tickets to unlock new chapters, and you’ll need to pay to do so. However, not everyone can have enough conditions to pay for it. Therefore, you can download the Underworld Office MOD version for Android phones at the end of this article. You’ll get almost everything for free and won’t be bothered by ads.


Overall, Underworld Office is an interesting game with lots of really fresh ideas. Players will be immersed in unique stories and other addictive mystery elements. Here we will constantly update the latest versions of Underworld Office. Don’t forget to follow the article to update more information about the game! Having fun!

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