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Valorant Mobile is an extremely attractive first-person shooter role-playing game under the investment and production of Riot Games. Players will exploit the potential of the characters, cooperate with teammates to fight and discover many powerful weapons. Valorant Mobile is definitely a game that you cannot ignore. Please join us to find it out!

Valorant Mobile – The ultimate shooting game on mobile

How to play

Valorant Mobile is a first-person tactical shooter game with a 5vs5 combat method. Each team will have 5 people divided into 2 teams, including Defender and Attacker. The two sides will fight each other on a common map with many zones. In which the mission of the Defender team is to protect the areas while the Attacker will attack and plant bombs.

Valorant Mobile

Besides, each match will have 25 rounds with each round lasting about 1 minute 40 seconds and an additional 30 seconds to buy items at Buy Phase. When the total number of rounds is 12, the position will begin to change. Team Defender will switch to being Attacker and vice versa. The team that wins 13 rounds will be the winner of the match. However, the condition to win with the Attacker in each round is to place a Bomb (Bomb must explode) or kill the Defender team. For Defender, the condition to win is to successfully defend the area until the end of 1 minute 40 seconds, as well as successfully defuse the bomb or kill all the enemies.

Furthermore, the mechanics of adding money in Valorant Mobile will work like this: Players will start with 800 coins. When you kill an enemy, you will get 200 coins. For rounds, you will get 3000 coins for a win and only get 1900 money for a loss. Also, the game’s balance mechanism will aid the losing teams by calculating the losing chain. If you lose 2 matches in a row, it will be counted as losing streak 1 and get 500 coins, losing streak 2 will be 1000 coins. In addition, when the Attackers place Bombs, they will receive 300 coins.

Agents system

In Valorant Mobile, the heroes are called Agents. Currently, the game provides 12 Agents with 4 different groups including Duelist, Senintel, Initiators, Controller. Each has a passive power along with 4 active skills during combat. Here we will learn a little more about the 4 groups of Agents so you can see how they play.

  • Duelist: The group has the form of skills to deal damage, manoeuvre, solo well, skilful when fighting 1vs1 with the enemy.
  • Senintel: Group of versatile skills and support teammates before and after the fight.
  • Initiators: This group carries half of Duelist and half of Senintel, controlling vision, dealing damage and harassing the opponent to bring versatility to teammates.
  • Controller: A group of skills to control the fight, change the game status, bring great benefits to teammates.

Weapons and skills

Valorant Mobile provides gamers with a total of 18 weapons including 5 pistols, 2 submachine guns, 2 shotguns, 4 rifles, 2 scopes, 2 machine guns and 1 dagger. To understand the parameters of each gun and its recoil, you can participate in the training mode to be able to try them. But basically, the guns will carry common characteristics like other shooting games today.

In Valorant Mobile, more than 40% of Agents skills are smoke, fire, or blinding skills. So, instead of buying grenades in the store, players will buy their skills to use like buying guns but much cheaper. However, there will be 2 skills that you do not need to buy, which are the ultimate and a random skill. In which you cannot buy the ultimate move with money. Instead, players need to accumulate points to unlock them. You will need to collect all 6 ult points in 3 different ways including killing an enemy, when you die, finding the black ult gem.

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Currently, Valorant Mobile has several main maps such as Split, Bind, Haven, FRACTURE, BREEZE, ICEBOX, ASCENT. Each of them will be built with a different modern or ancient style. Besides, they are divided into special zones with the Haven version having 3 zones A, B, or C. Players will focus on areas on the map to attack and defend so please take a close look at them. before going inside.


We have just given you all the necessary information about the FPS Valorant Mobile. The game is meticulously invested in both gameplay, characters, images and key features. If you want to experience this great game, please pin this article to regularly visit and update the latest versions of the game. Thank you!

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