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The Internet is a great human invention that allows people to freely connect and exploit information. However, the connectivity is sometimes hindered in some countries or by certain carriers. Many users are blocked and unable to access favorite websites or applications. In such cases, users will need an efficient VPN application like VPNhub, which is a great application to help them freely and safer while browsing the web. Please join us to explore this great app through the reviews below.

About VPNhub

This is a virtual personal network developed and powered by AppAtomic Limited. Besides, it is one of the most popular apps in the category of tools for Android phones. Specifically, VPNhub makes it possible for users to access the internet through a more private and secure server. Besides, VPNhub’s servers are located in many different countries, which also ensures the connection speed for all users. However, for the best experience, you need to pay to get the Premium version.

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VPNhub Premium apk

The free features

Browse the web anonymously

Being able to access any website anonymously is one of the greatest features of VPNhub and many other VPN applications. You can visit any website without leaving any trace of your data. Also, the app will allow you to hide your information.

Unblock website access

For free VPNhub users, you can change your IP address to access many blocked websites and apps in your country. However, the free version will limit the servers that you can access. Therefore, it sometimes cannot get you the sites you want.

Secure public wifi access

When using public wifi connections, you will face the risk of unauthorized access to your device. However, when you combine with VPNhub, you can rest assured. Specifically, the app will protect your phone from dangerous things.

High-level data encryption

VPNhub encrypts data very well with military-grade standards. Activity information of all users is not recorded and is difficult to steal. So, you can use it with complete peace of mind.

VPNhub Premium mod

What’s in VPNhub Premium?

VPNhub Premium will have more premium features compared to the free version, including:

  • Streaming Friendly: If you are having trouble streaming your favorite shows, VPNhub Premium gets you out of that. With just a few simple taps, you can fix the connections and always ensure stability during streaming for a good experience.
  • Large number of servers: At this point, VPNhub Premium has a large number of servers in more than 60 countries. Some large countries will have more servers for users to choose from. Besides, there are even servers in areas with the least developed internet. From there, you can experience the freedom of browsing and never be blocked.
  • Sign in on multiple devices at the same time: With VPNhub Premium, users will need to create an account to use. Also, you can use that account to share with many people and log-in to it on multiple devices. Especially, if you have the Premium mobile version, you can also use it on your PC with many different browsers.
  • Speed-up and unlimited data: When using VPNhub Premium, users will have any connection-limits unlock. Speed ​​up your connection several times to ensure the best experience. You will also never worry about running out of data.

Download VPNhub MOD APK [Premium Unlocked] for free on Android

VPNhub Premium is a very good version. However, the price to upgrade is quite expensive. At this point, users will need to pay around $ 13.5 per month and around $ 80 for a year. Besides, we would like to provide you with VPNhub Premium for free by sharing the MOD APK version of VPNhub at the end of this article. Then, you can enjoy all the premium features for free.


Anyone looking for an app to unblock websites, apps and protect internet access, VPNhub is a perfect choice. More importantly, you can comfortably enjoy premium features with VPNhub Premium MOD APK for free.

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