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Wild Castle TD is an engaging defense game from the developer Crunchy Studio LLC. Games in this genre are no stranger to mobile players. However, each developer has provided different features and attractions that make many players unable to leave those games. In this time, you will explore a world with many historical heroes and prepare your strategies to win the matches. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

Tactical gameplay

Coming to Wild Castle TD, players will be fighting to protect a stronghold before the attack. To do that, you need to select the best heroes and archers. Through intense and dramatic battles, gamers can earn valuable materials, which they can use to upgrade and develop strength for their heroes. Besides, the game will have a battle that takes place automatically without the need for players to use complicated controls. At this point, your task is to arrange the squad before starting the battle and use the hero’s fighting skills in the most sensible way.

Wild Castle TD MOD APK is a tactical arcade game

In the game, monsters will rush into your wall in a certain path where you have defended. They will attack until your wall has a leak and cause it to collapse. Heroes and machines on the city wall will shoot, use magic to attack monsters, and stop them. Also, you can use available MP points to activate skills for heroes by clicking them directly to increase your power and make it easier for you to win.

Besides, the higher the level is, the more crowded the monster will be. After a few levels, Bosses will appear. They will be harder to destroy. At this point, players need to upgrade and recruit new heroes. Also, when you level up, you can get skill points that you can use to increase one of 12 different general stats, such as Bonus Gold, Bonus Experience, Mana Regen, Hero Damage…

In Wild Castle TD, in addition to the appearance of the Castle, the player will also manage a town. There, players can build gold mines so that the miners continuously provide the gold for you. Moreover, players can even search through spaceships to conquer colonies.

Many interesting heroes

Currently, Wild Castle TD offers about 20 different heroes and you will need gold to be able to unlock them. Each hero will have a different skillset for players to use. You will need MP points to activate those skills during combat. Also, you can level up your heroes by using gold. There are two important levels which are level 11 and level 31. Specifically, when reaching those levels, your hero will unlock a new skill. In addition to the heroes, the game provides players with archers. They are also a great source of damage to support the heroes if the player knows how to make good use of them.

Items and upgrades

In Wild Castle TD, there are many new interesting items. They will appear in the backpack icon on the right side of your screen. You will use gold to buy them and permanently unlock the stats they add. There are about 40 different items in the game. However, you can only bring 5 items to increase power in battle, so please consider and study carefully about their effects.

Wild Castle TD has many novel items

In terms of upgrades, Wild Castle TD has lots of interesting things that will cost you a lot of money. First, you will be able to upgrade your walls and archers, which are important that appear directly on the left side of your screen. When you upgrade a wall, it will have more HP and possibly more heroes. Also, upgrading your archers helps you to have more archers.

Besides, upgrading the item will also be a necessity if you want your battle squad to be stronger. You will need gold and elixir to upgrade them. The more upgrade you did, the more materials you need.

Moreover, building and upgrading is the next thing that you need to pay attention to. If you upgrade Gold Mines, you will get more gold every minute. If you upgrade your Town Hall, you can build more houses around that area to make the town more crowded.

Achievement boards and daily gifts

Wild Castle TD has a global ranking that is updated regularly. The way to calculate that player’s rating is the number of levels they have passed. At this point, the 50 highest-ranking players will be displayed on the leaderboard. Also, you can see your competitors’ performance.

Also, Wild Castle TD knows how to keep players with daily login rewards. Those rewards will increase when the player can log in and receive all the days before. These rewards will be renewed after the weekends.

The design

Wild Castle TD is a meticulous and beautiful game, which has 2D graphics, ensuring a fast and smooth battling experience. Besides, players will find that it also has character designs similar to some popular and modern games. However, Wild Castle TD offers medieval-style music, which is non-verbal and very vibrant music to help you integrate into the match faster.

Download Wild Castle TD MOD APK for Android

Wild Castle TD MOD is a free version of this game. In addition to its inherent features in the original version, players can also experience many other attractive unlocked features. You can get more advantages right from the beginning of the game. To be able to download this version, players can download the MOD APK files at the end of this post.


Overall, Wild Castle TD is a fun game for everyone. You can play it whenever you want. Besides, it is an endless war between heroes and monsters, in which you have to make unique tactical elements. In this article, we give you all the information about the game. If you have any comments or reviews, please leave them below. Thanks and have fun!

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