Wizard Legend: Fighting Master V 2.3.0 [MOD, Money]


Wizard Legend: Fighting Master MOD is a unique action game that gives players the experience of the classic Roguelike style. In which gamers will play as a little witch, who has many types of magic. She will use those spells to fight many monsters creating fascinating battles. Wizard Legend will really bring fast combat experiences, unique artifacts, and many interesting effects. Please join us to find it out right now!

Magic and dessert

In the fantasy world, magic consumption can be restored by eating sugary desserts. Coincidentally, the little witch in this game loves such dishes. However, the dessert company started trying weird experiments and turned all the dessert nails into monsters. The little witch was very angry about this and decided to go into the company to get rid of all the modified desserts and find out what caused this.

Wizard Legend MOD

Fight with your strategy

To become a mage in the world of Wizard Legend, players will need to learn how to control their mage. By using a scroll key on the screen, you can take your character in any direction. First, players will need to practice moving well to be able to dodge dangers and take advantage of the terrain to gain an advantage. Second, gamers will need to learn how to control the magic. Each player can only bring up to 8 types of spells out of more than 50 available spells. Those spells will be added every time you win or collect in the level. Besides, they will not only work individually but you can also combine to form different combos or power chains.

In Wizard Legend, the magic will be cast automatically. You will not need to worry too much about their operation. Instead, you will focus more on keeping the combat distance and getting rid of the pitfalls. After a certain number of levels, there will be levels with powerful bosses that bring great rewards for you, but the power of those bosses is also great.

Magical artifacts and equipment

In Wizard Legend, players will receive great support from the equipment and artifacts they acquire during the game. Specifically, Artifacts will grant a skill with or enhance the mage’s existing magic. Some artifacts can be obtained in stages and others can be purchased from accumulated points in magic shops. If you don’t need to use the artifacts, you can exchange them for money. Therefore, if you see any artifacts, you should collect them

Also, magical equipment is very interesting, making your spells much stronger. They include:

  • Cloaks: These are outerwear for mages, which you can buy in the store with Gems. Each shirt will add stat points for your mage that can be health, armor, attack…
  • Spell book: Similar to the cloak, the spellbook also helps the character to add many stats, but these stats will be added as a percentage.

Achievements, events and more

In Wizard Legend, the levels are limitless. If you pass levels, your achievements will be recorded on the leaderboards. In addition, players can also participate in many other exciting monthly events or races to win prizes. So, you should not miss them.

Wizard Legend MOD APK

Interesting graphics

Wizard Legend uses a modern design with colorful images to attract players. Besides, the game also has many attractive effects that make the player’s battle more impressive than ever. In addition, the game uses controls and fast-paced combat to satisfy the action factor of many people. In the game, the music is also exciting with action-style instrumental songs and lots of vocals from the character’s use of magic.

Download Wizard Legend MOD APK for Android

After our reviews above, surely many people will be looking forward to this game. Right now, readers can download Wizard Legend MOD for free at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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