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World Cricket Championship 3 is a famous sports game from the developer Nextwave Multimedia. This version is a sequel to the success of World Cricket Championship 2. WCC3 has many improved features and new content, promising to be the coolest game for mobile Cricket game enthusiasts. Please join us to find out about the game’s highlights right now!

Attractive gameplay

Cricket is a fascinating sport that has been loved by billions of people around the world. It is a team game. However, you can still enjoy the single-player mode, in which your task is to control an entire team of Cricket. In WCC3, players need to understand that the original game rules of this game are consistent with current international rules. Specifically, each team consists of 11 players on the pitch of a circle shape. Both teams will take turns kicking and batting to score points.

At the start of the match, each team will appoint one person to hold a bat to hit the ball, and another one to throw the ball. The stickman will stand in front of three wooden sticks that are plugged into the ground called the wicket. And the bowler will throw the ball at the baton. Besides, there are many more members, such as fielders who stand around the circle waiting to catch the ball.

WCC3 has familiar gameplay but always attracts players

Besides, the thrower will aim to throw the ball bouncing from the ground to break three wickets. The batman will be responsible for stopping the ball and trying to hit it out. If the person who holds the club can catch the ball, they will have to perform an additional task that is running back and forth between the ends of the field. More specifically, the players will do this by themselves. When the ball pops out, the throwing team members will be responsible for catching the ball and throwing the ball back into the game.

WCC3 will accurately simulate this rule, but the game will have some automatic steps to assist the player in control. At this point, your main task is to control the pitcher and batter by using the drag gesture or navigation on the phone screen to create a path for the ball and stick interceptions. It sounds simple but not.

The exciting sports spirit

WCC3 not only has attractive gameplay but also brings many new things compared to the previous version. Completely new professional activities and movements will be recorded and added to the game. As you play, you can also enjoy the voices of commentary from professional commentators around the world. Players will also be able to connect and compete with online players in real-time matches to challenge skills and climb the leaderboards. Also, the AI ​ system is improved with the ability to change the difficulty according to your skill level. Moreover, players can join in many events, tournaments, and auctions. They have been reworked in more detail to help players feel like participating in a vibrant sports atmosphere.

Team management

In WCC3, the team members are a very important factor for you to win. Because of this, they need to receive the special attention and care of a coach like you. First, you need to recruit good players with great abilities and stats. However, the value of recruiting them is very high. Most new players are unable to do so. At this point, you can move on to upgrading the available players in your squad to make them better. Many different factors help you to improve your player, such as pitching ability, batting ability, recovering, or which handed your player is. Besides, you will also be able to make a few customizations to your team’s outfit.

Attractive WCC3 has many new features

The connecting-featured game modes

Connecting players in WCC3 is not merely a job, but it is built-in detail to ensure player satisfaction. First, you can compete with online opponents from all over the world. Also, you can have a smaller option of competitors from your region or country. Batting rivals will be a new mode when you will join some other players to create a room and compete with each other. Finally, you can also challenge your friends with fun friendly matches.


In World Cricket Championship 3, players will be truly overwhelmed with the tournament, League cups and series. First, players can participate in the Championship with a variety of different cups such as Blitz, World T20, World CUP, Asian Cup. Next, you can explore different series, such as ODI, TRI, ASHES… Finally, there will be prestigious tournaments such as NPL, Pakistan League, Bangladesh League, Great AUZI Bash.


In addition to the matches, WCC3 also offers some soft entertaining activities. You can participate in events and broadcast and live your career or tours modes. Besides, if you want to show off your knowledge about Cricket and receive rewards at the same time, Cricket Quiz is an attractive choice. You can continuously answer 10 different questions about Cricket. The more correct answer you make, the bigger your reward will be.


If you want to know more information about Cricket, WCC3 also helps you to have everything you want. Hot information about popular newspapers will be available at any time. Moreover, the news is in both English and Hindi. Besides, you can also find out more information about the game, such as how to upgrade, how to play well… through the developer’s videos on YouTube.

The design

At this point, WCC3 is a bit more prominent than its previous versions. The players will have new movements, sharper visuals and a nice color scheme, making it more prominent. Also, the developer began to pay attention to the effects and the game field. Spectators are now able to move and shout more fervently, and the arena is more spectacular in many different sizes. Now, you can also play the game with attractive comments from famous commentators like Matthew Hayden, Aakash Chopra…


Overall, World Cricket Championship 3 is an engaging game both in content and features. It is invested meticulously to ensure the players’ experience. However, the game has many packages that require players to spend cash to unlock. If you like Cricket sport and especially WCC3, you can download it now. Do not forget to leave your comments about it in this article! Thanks and have fun!

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