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Wrestling Revolution 3D is an exciting sports game with many classic fighting and boxing themes. The game will help you fulfill your dream of becoming a martial artist. In which you can join a variety of missions, tournaments and challenges. Also, the game offers many other interesting features that all players will surely love. Please join us to find out more about this interesting game in the article below!

About Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D is developed and published by Mdickie. This developer is quite famous for the classic graphic style games. Wrestling Revolution 3D will lead players on a journey of a wrestling champion. There are many aspects of a wrestler’s life that a player can explore, such as participating in matches, improving himself, finding fame and money in matches. Besides, players have to find an excellent manager to advance your career. Of course, the interesting wrestling mechanics will also make you satisfied.

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD

The gameplay

In Wrestling Revolution 3D, players will control a boxer. Your task is to focus on all the matches to win the game and receive titles. Specifically, you can win opponents with many different wrestling skills, which causes the opponent to lose blood on the health bar. The match will be stopped when one of the two players runs out of blood. To do well in fighting, gamers need to learn how to control the boxer through buttons and manipulation. Moreover, you will need a little practice to develop these skills and become a more professional player.

The key features

Accessible mobile wrestling game

Wrestling Revolution 3D uses intuitive and simple controls right on your phone screen. In which the player can easily control and grasp the gameplay by touching them. On the left side, there will be navigation keys to help the player move the character. On the opposite side, there are many buttons for the player to do the fighting, including:

  • A: attack
  • G: bounce
  • R: Run
  • P: Pick up/Drop
  • T: Taunt/Pin/Referee duties
  • EYE: Change focus/Rotate opponent
  • Meter Health: Character conversion
  • Clock: Pause/Change camera angle

Create your martial artist

Besides, the game also introduces lots of simple and fun character customization. Specifically, players can dive into style themselves with hair, clothing, body and more. By creating a good fighter, you can also immerse yourself in the world of wrestling and conquer fame.

Train your players with courses

For your character to be able to compete with stronger opponents, gamers need to take the character in training courses. In which, you can learn how to fight on the ring, exercises to improve your fitness. Besides, players can also learn many new skills by combining the skills or operations. You will create your technique to defeat opponents faster.

Many strong opponents and unique battles

In Wrestling Revolution 3D, players can be able to compete with over 300 different characters in order. You will fight in the arena with many opponents and matches according to many rules. At this point, you have to do your best to please the audience and increase the ticket prices of the matches.

Adjust the performance of matches

The game will assist in controlling performance for your game by accessing the options menu. At this point, players can eliminate referees and set up the match’s progress. Also, you can turn off game effects and other requirements to make the game smoother.

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK

The design

At this point, the game introduces players to simple 3D graphics, which is optimized for low-end phones. Besides, the game’s animation system allows players to smoothly combine skills. Therefore, players can perform wrestling matches more satisfyingly. Also, the game allows you to follow the match from many different perspectives according to personal preferences. You can also customize the graphics to better enjoy the game on your Android phone. Moreover, the game also delivers a lively audio experience with thousands of spectators cheering.


Overall, Wrestling Revolution 3D is an engaging sports game. It allows players to immerse themselves in the world of wrestlers. Besides, the game brings many interesting features in gameplay and visuals. Moreover, we would like to provide you with Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK for free at the end of this article. This is a modified version of the game, which unlocked everything for you to freely use. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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