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YourHour Premium mod apk

YourHour is a great app in the category of Productivity apps on mobile phones. It helps users control the phone addiction with simple and suitable solutions. Therefore, users can gradually change bad habits and change into a more sensible habit instead. Please join us to find out the app’s highlights in this article below!

About YourHour

Nowadays, the popularity of mobile phones has slowly crept into every corner of life. That leaves many people unable to move away from them and leads to phone addiction. The consequence is that the user will not be able to focus on their daily work. At this point, we would like to introduce to you a great app as a solution for this issue. It is YourHour. Specifically, it can help everyone control this addiction and create good habits for life. Besides, the developer Mindefy Labs has built this application most simply and easily for anyone to access it. Also, YourHour Premium will enhance your ability to beat your phone addiction even more.

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Salient features

Application easy to access

YourHour provides you with all the necessary information for using your phone. Specifically, the app will statistics usage time, number of unlocked times and compare activities of today compares to the days before. At this point, users will quickly see if they have improved or not. Also, YourHour provides widgets on your phone screen. You can enable to view summary reports without running the application.

Test your phone addiction level

After a period of using YourHour, the system will analyze the data and give an overview of the level of your phone addiction. The levels are in the descending, consisting of addiction, obsession, dependence, habits, achievement, and championship. You will begin to go through the process of reducing levels to improve your best friend’s habits. The app will gradually re-evaluate your level with each usage time.


At this point, Timer is a unique YourHour feature, which appears on all of your apps and reports your usage time. You can easily drag and drop it anywhere on your phone screen. Also, the app changes color from blue to red for highlighting and warning that you have run out of time on your phone to tell you not to dive into addiction again.

Daily report

YourHour has a timeline to record every detail of your activities while using the phone. That helps the app to do statistics and analysis. Also, you can review your phone usage. YourHour will send you daily or weekly reports in detail via notifications.

Export your data

At this point, the app does not store any user’s data. All information will only be stored in local memory and then deleted. Of course, you can export them to excel. Besides, for premium users, there’s a PDF format available as well.

YourHour Premium mod

What’s more in YourHour Premium?

YourHour Premium will have some premium features to assist users suffering from a serious addiction. Additional features include:

  • Category usage report: It helps you to categorize applications into categories and make wiser reports or usage warnings.
  • Start time of the day: At this point, the app allows you to set the start time of the day as you like.
  • Detailed usage reports: Access to exclusive weekly and monthly reports.
  • Ad-free: You will enjoy the app without ads.

Download YourHour Pro APK MOD for free on Android

YourHour is free for users to download. However, to use the Premium version, you need to pay to upgrade. At this point, a great way to get YourHour Premium is to simply download the APK file at the end of this article. It will be very safe and completely free for you to have a premium experience.


Overall, YourHour is a great app for people to get rid of their phones or simply change their bad phone-using habits. The simple and practical features of the application make it easy for users to access. Most importantly, we have a Premium version that has unlocked for free so anyone can get the best out of their phone addiction. Don’t forget to rate and share this app if you find it useful. Have fun!

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